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Switch from Family Tree Maker to MacFamilyTree and import your family tree
Can I import databases from previous MacFamilyTree versions into MacFamilyTree 8?
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How can I capture audio with Screenium?
How should I deal with the large file size of screencasts recorded with Screenium 3?
How can I navigate to the MacFamilyTree 8 backups folder in the Finder?
iFinance 3 crashes during CSV export. Is this a known problem?
How do I navigate to the Application Support folder?
How do I navigate to the Preferences folder?
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MacFamilyTree 8.0.10
Logoist 2.6.1
Screenium 3.1.2
iFinance 4.0.6
Animationist 1.1.4
MyFourWalls 1.0.6
CleanApp 5.1
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