Vectorize! is exclusively available at the App Store.

Vectorize! can be used on both, macOS and iOS with a single purchase. It requires macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina or macOS Big Sur on the Mac and iOS 13 or iOS 14 on iPhone or iPad. Fully optimized for M1-based Macs.
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Vectorize! – Convert Bitmaps Into Vectors

Vectorize! is the perfect tool for quickly and easily converting any pixel graphic into a resolution-independent, scalable vector format—and not just on Mac, also for iPhone and iPad. No matter you’d like to convert, let’s say a low resolution JPG Logo, a comic, sketch, or even a complete photo—Vectorize! will turn your pixels into vectors. The starting material can even be upscaled at will.

Import, Convert, Export

Converting a pixel-based-graphic (e.g. a photo, drawing, etc.) into a resolution-independent vector graphic with Vectorize! is quite self-explanatory: First, simply choose an image file —and then let Vectorize! do the rest. Using your iPhone to take a photo to directly import into Vectorize! is another very practical option at your disposal.

After your graphic has been selected and imported, you can determine the desired level of detail of your result and if additional contours or edge smoothing should be applied, after which the final product is only click on “Export” away. Your options for exporting are PDF, SVG, or Logoist—for further subsequent editing.

Core Features of Vectorize!

  • Supported Export Formats: PDF, SVG, Logoist
  • Supported Import Formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF, HEIC, GIF
  • Fields of Application: Vectorize photos, logos, drawings, graphics, and more in order to upscale at will
  • Platforms: Mac, iPhone, iPad (one purchase, all platforms)

Images Converted With Vectorize!

System Requirements & Languages

A purchase of Vectorize! contains the Mac, iPhone, and iPad versions. One purchase, all platforms. Vectorize! requires macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina or macOS Big Sur on the Mac and iOS 13 or iOS 14 on iPhone or iPad. Vectorize! has been fully optimized for the new M1-based Macs. Vectorize! is available in 8 languages:

Already own a copy of Logoist 4?

If you’ve purchased Logoist 4 for Mac, then you don’t need a copy of Vectorize!, as vectorization is a present feature in Logoist 4. However, if you’re also looking to vectorize on iPhone and iPad, then Vectorize! is a practical complement to Logoist 4.