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MacFamilyTree 8.5 has just been released – another huge yet free update for customers of MacFamilyTree 8. The new version offers a lot of new features, for example the entirely re-developed media section.

Browse through all images or video clips, add search filters and find who you are looking for in the blink of an eye Mark persons on pictures, use different sorting options or start a slide show – and enjoy the great new media capabilities of MacFamilyTree.

The Virtual Globe is the perfect tool to see how your family has spread across the globe over the course of time. MacFamilyTree 8.5 raises the bar even further and will excite you by offering maps in higher resolution and more details.

MacFamilyTree 8.5 meets a desire lots of customers brought to our ears: Export single branches of your family tree, split a giant tree into two smaller ones or remove a branch.

MacFamilyTree 8.5 is a free update for all customer who bought MacFamilyTree 8. For new customers, MacFamilyTree 8.5 for Mac sells for just US$ 59.99. MobileFamilyTree for iPhone and iPad sells for just US$ 17.99.
We are delighted to announce another important update for iFinance. A new and even more powerful version of our intuitive and versatile finance management app! Please welcome iFinance 4.5 for Mac and iFinance for iPhone iPad.

iFinance 4.5 is a free update for all customer who bought iFinance 4. For new customers, iFinance 4.5 for Mac sells for just 35.99 US$ and iFinance 4.5 for iPhone and iPad for 8.99 US$.

iFinance users love the ease of tracking their account movements at all times, but the new Category Wizard now helps transform your data from mere figures into valuable insights. For iFinance to be able to analyze your biggest spending categories, you need to categorize your transactions – the Category Wizard will help you speed up this task by analyzing all transactions and suggesting appropriate categories, which not only saves you a great deal of time but also gives you greater insight into your finances.

Another handy new feature: In order to protect your database from third-party access , iFinance for Mac now also supports Touch ID (already a longstanding feature in iFinance for iPad and iPhone!
Have you ever wondered why our apps provide that tremendous look and feel? One of the reasons is that we always make use of Apple’s latest and greatest technologies. Synium always has been first in line supporting what Apple had to offer – delivering the best in Mac and iOS software to you.

The release of macOS 10.14 Mojave is no different. Do you like the new dark mode? We are happy to announce that MacFamilyTree and Logoist have just been updated – wearing a black dress if your Mac runs in dark mode. Of course nothing changes if you prefer the bright user interface. No matter which setting you choose, MacFamilyTree and Logoist will fit seamlessly.

The updates are free for all MacFamilyTree 8 or Logoist 3 customers. For new customer, the prices are just 29.99 USD (Logoist 3.2) and 59.99 USD (MacFamilyTree 8.4).
The first huge update for Logoist 3 has just been released. Logoist 3.1 offers lots of improvements and is available without further cost for all customers of Logoist 3.0. New customers pay just 14.99 USD for the best app in vector and logo design. Let’s have a look at all the new features!

Enter name, initials or slogan and Logoist’s new feature called 1-2-3 Logo! presents you with dozens of suggestions which can be adapted and realigned to your liking. Please also welcome the brand new intelligent image masks to cut out objects from a photo or logo to use them in your project. Labels for groups or objects, better printing capabilities, new path tools and support for Quick Look are part of the new version, too.

Please visit our product page for further information and a free demo version. Logoist 3 is available exclusively from the Mac App Store and requires a Mac running macOS 10.12 Sierra or later.
We’re happy to announce the launch of a new major version of our popular screencasting app Screenium! Create tutorials, record your gameplay or other videos – Screenium 3.2 records whatever happens on your screen. The convenient editor lets you cut your recordings and add transitions, effects, and fade-ins. You can also export or share your screencast, or upload it directly to video platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.

The new version offers a wide range of new features and is free of charge for all customers of Screenium 3.0 and 3.1! For new customers, Screenium 3.2 is offered with a 50% discount until June, 3rd.

Perfect performance at 5K resolution
Previous versions of Screenium were already able to smoothly record an impressive 60 frames per second at 4 K. Version 3.2 now offers even better performance and effortlessly handles even 5 k recordings at maximum frame rate. No other screencasting app on the market offers smoother recording or is more powerful even for graphics-intensive applications such as games – making Screenium 3.2 best-in-class in terms of performance!

Scaled recording – reduced memory usage
It is not always necessary to record screen content at the highest possible resolution. To minimize memory usage, Screenium 3.2 offers a “Scaled Recording“ feature, which optionally scales to a lower resolution (for example 25% or 50%).This significantly reduces memory load, particularly for very long recordings.

As of macOS 10.13 High Sierra, Apple has been using the new HEVC video standard, which is also referred to as H.265. All recordings created with Screenium can now be exported in HVEC format. This achieves the same quality as H.264, but significantly reduces the file size; of course, you can also import HVEC videos.

Master/Slave audio tracks
Screenium 3.2 offers a convenient new feature to manage multiple audio tracks: for example, if you’d like to add background music and a narrator voice to your recording, you can now define one of the two as the master track. The other track – in our specific example the music track – will then automatically be set as the background track and played back at a lower volume.

Record Keystrokes
Screenium 3.2 has yet another handy new feature in store: you can now optionally record keystrokes. To protect your privacy, passwords remain hidden at all times – no password entered during a screencast recording will be displayed and/or recorded. The editor allows you to place the virtual keyboard at any position in your screencast, show or hide the keyboard during select sections, and specify the desired display mode.
We have just released a huge MacFamilyTree update. If you are a customer of version 8, you’ll surely appreciate that it’s another free one for you. New customers pay just US$ 59.99. Have you already launched the Mac App Store? Then you are going to see that Apple is more than impressed with the latest release and features MacFamilyTree 8.3 big time.

MacFamilyTree 8.3 offers a greatly improved Interactive Tree. It’s way faster, it’s more flexible – and from now on it’s even printable. A lot of customers asked for it and we are hereby fulfilling this wish.

Apart from the all-new Interactive Tree, MacFamilyTree 8.3 comes with a completely new merge feature. Combining two separate trees is one of the most challenging tasks in computer genealogy – especially if there are duplicate or contradictory entries. We are proud to announce that MacFamilyTree 8.3 is the first genealogy app to get this issue right.

MacFamilyTree 8.3 (and MobileFamilyTree 8.3 for iPhone and iPad) are available from the Mac App Store or iOS App Store – free for all users of MacFamilyTree 8 or MobileFamilyTree 8. Apple automatically converts the US$ price (without VAT/Sales Tax) into you local currency.
We are delighted to announce our recent launch of iFinance 4.4 for Mac and iFinance 4.4 for iPhone and iPad, a new and even more powerful version of our intuitive and versatile finance management app!

iFinance 4.4 is a free update for all customer who bought iFinance 4. For new customers,iFinance 4.4 for Mac sells for just 38.99 US$ and iFinance 4.4 for iPhone and iPad for 8.99 US$.

Interactive 2D Diagrams
While iFinance’s wide range of clearly arranged charts and reports has always provided great at-a-glance overviews of your income and expenses, version 4.4 takes the reporting feature to a new level! Its 2D diagrams are now interactive – you can optionally display auxiliary lines for better readability or have the mouse pointer show the exact amount corresponding to its current position by simply placing the mouse (or your finger if you’re using iFinance for iPhone or iPad) over any spot in the diagram.

Time Comparison Charts
iFinance 4.4 features time comparison charts as an entirely new chart type. Specify two time periods you want to compare and iFinance will indicate any increases or reductions in spending. The time comparison feature also lets you display comparison bars for absolute or relative comparisons. You can make comparisons by day, week, month, year, and any custom time periods you enter manually.

Reports and Diagrams Folder
iFinance 4.4 provides a new feature to help you organize your reports and charts. If you’ve saved more than one report or diagram to a given folder, iFinance will now let you display up to four of them at a single glance. Of course you can also continue to display one statistic at a time.
We are excited to share some amazing news with you, Logoist 3 has just been launched! Logoist provides you with everything you’ll need to put your creative ideas into practice or find fresh inspiration – and it’s suitable for professional graphic designers and illustrators as well as first-time users alike. Please welcome the brand-new Logoist 3 – the critically acclaimed graphic app which even received an editor’s choice award by Apple in 2014.

A much improved user interface (offering light and dark mode), generators to quickly add effects snowfall, grass, tree branches, flames or other elements, the preset lab, SVG import, a pixel artwork mode, batch export for multiple resolutions and formats at a time and vastly better performance (relying on Metal 2, Core Image and Core Animation) are just a few examples of Logoist 3’s new capabilities.

Have a look at these beautiful sample graphics, all created completely in Logoist 3. Go and get your copy of Logoist 3 for just US$29.99 at the Mac App Store. Logoist 3 comes fully localized in nine languages and requires macOS 10.12 Sierra. 10.13 High Sierra is completely supported, of course.
The popular finance management software iFinance is now available in version 4.3, offering lots of handy improvements. Besides working much faster, iFinance 4.3 comes with better CSV import and export to get you bank data including all transactions into iFinance.

iFinance 4 for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch has been updated, too. You can now change the sort order of accounts on Apple Watch and the iOS Today widget from your iPhone. Several interface improvements throughout the app, better memory management and bug fixes will make your work with iFinance 4 even more pleasant. View our product page, download the free demo version or get your update through the update pane of Mac App Store or iOS App Store.

We’re proud to announce a huge update for both, MacFamilyTree and MobileFamilyTree. Version 8.2 features many new, improved and configurable charts & diagrams as well as improved FamilySearch integration and better performance using CloudTree.

Configure all charts and diagrams in Version 8.2 using preset styles and a huge number of customization options – nearly every aspect can be adjusted as you like.

Additionally, four new fractal ancestor charts have been added to MacFamilyTree 8.2 and MobileFamilyTree 8.2.

Want to edit a chart for printout or display? MacFamilyTree 8.2 comes with a new chart editor allowing you to re-align a chart, edit labels, remove parts of a chart, change the coloring or add annotations. Also, print large posters from your chart using the new chart editor.

FamilySearch in MacFamilyTree 8.2 or MobileFamilyTree 8.2 has been vastly improved – the Interactive Tree now displays additional persons from the FamilySearch Family Tree within seconds. Additionally, members of the LDS Church are now able to reserve and print LDS Ordinance information directly from MacFamilyTree and MobileFamilyTree.
We have just released a huge update for the popular finance management app iFinance. The brand new version 4.2 offers interactive 3D charts to show where your money goes to and where it comes from.  There are tons of other improvements like copy & paste of transactions, better CSV import or import of PDF based bank statements. The iOS version of iFinance has been updated to version 4.2, too. It assembles almost the complete feature set of iFinance for Mac.

Do you already use one of the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar? Then you’ll be happy to know that iFinance 4.2 makes use of the handy bar above the keyboard. Navigation, adding transactions or configuring reports becomes so much more convenient this way.

iFinance 4.2 is available at the Mac App Store, iFinance for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch at the iOS App Store. iFinance is offered for US$ 39.99, iFinance for iOS is available for just US$ 9.99. Customers of iFinance 4 can update to the latest version for free.

MacFamilyTree has been available for almost 20 years now. During this time, we kept receiving one frequent request from our customers: How can I work on my family tree and genealogical research with other family members? We have great news for you, because MacFamilyTree 8.1 and MobileFamilyTree 8.1 open up a new era in digital genealogy.

MacFamilyTree and MobileFamilyTree 8.1 for iPhone and iPad come with the brand new CloudTree feature – it is now possible for the first time to work on the same family tree with any number of MacFamilyTree and MobileFamilyTree users in real time, without any additional cost. All changes to your tree will be transferred and are available to all other users invited by you within a few seconds. Apple is known for its highest-level data protection standards. CloudTree operates in compliance with these very standards.


Only you decide what happens to your data
Apple is known for its high data protection standards. MacFamilyTree’s CloudTree Sync feature operates under the same strict standards. Access to your family tree is restricted to yourself and only you decide who gets to see your data. Other people will only be able to view your family tree if you’ve sent them an invitation.

Real-time collaboration
Invite other users to work on the same family tree with you. Any changes will be synchronized and available on other users’ devices in a matter of seconds. Looking at the change history, you’ll be able to quickly identify which changes were made by which user. If you prefer, you can make your family tree available as a read-only version instead. Please note: Sync with other iCloud users is currently restricted to 5000 entries per “entry type”. An entry type can be a person, a family, a place, a note, etc. You may sync 5000 entries for EACH of these types.

Sync via CloudTree – and still have all your information stored locally
Although all entries are synced via CloudTree, all your information is still available locally on your Mac, iPhone or iPad, allowing you to continue your genealogical research when your device is offline. CloudTree will automatically sync any changes once you reconnect to the Internet.

Sync in record time
Instead of having to sync the complete document, CloudTree allows you to sync only the changes you’ve made to it. While this may sound like an obvious feature to many users, it is not. In the past, iCloud had to upload and download the complete file. However, going forward, if you enter a person event, CloudTree will sync only this one item. Get ready for a dramatically accelerated syncing experience requiring very little data transfer. This allows you to easily sync your data over mobile networks as well.

Creating a revolution in digital genealogy
There are countless providers and services for publishing and synchronizing genealogical information. However, CloudTree Sync&Share’s unique range of features remains unrivaled. No other service provides such speedy synchronization across any number of devices – directly from within the app, at no additional cost, and in line with the highest data protection standards.

Free update for Version 8 customers
If you’ve bought MacFamilyTree 8.0 or MobileFamilyTree 8.0, the update to Version 8.1 is free. Please open the Mac App Store on your Mac or the App Store on your iPhone or iPad to download the update for free from the Updates tab.

A huge update for iFinance is available. Version 4.1 is the first comprehensive update of iFinance 4 and offers a lot of improvements and enhancements. Some of the great new features are complete VoiceOver control, adaptive layout for all window sizes, automatic backups and a native Apple Watch app.


Today, we are announcing the brand new version 8 of both, MacFamilyTree for Mac and MobileFamilyTree for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch – packed with lots of major new features. Please check out our product pages and see what version 8 has to offer.

Version 8 is the largest update in MacFamilyTree’s 18 year long product history and comes with a completely new interface, the best Interactive Tree ever, the all-new Smart filters“ and lots of further improvements and enhancements.

MacFamilyTree 8 and MobileFamilyTree 8

MacFamilyTree 8 is available at the Mac App Store for just US$ 59.99. MobileFamilyTree 8 for iPhone and iPad can be purchased at the App Store for US$ 19.99.

Screenium 3 has always been the fastest screen recording tool on for OS X. Screenium 3 lets you record at 60 frames per second, offering optimum performance even on ultra-high resolution Retina, 4K or 5K displays. But we did not stop here.

Screenium 3.1 ads a major new feature: Record the contents of your iOS and tvOS devices in the same brilliant quality you’re used to. On top of that, Screenium 3 is the only screen recording solution that will play your device’s audio while capturing.

Screenium 3.1 is a free update for all customers of Screenium 3 and available at the Mac App Store. For new customers, Screenium 3.1 is just US$49.99.


Have you heard the news? Ancestry has discontinued Family Tree Maker for both Windows and Mac. There won’t be any further updates or any new versions. As a fellow genealogist you will be definitely asked by your friends and family to recommend a great genealogy app for Mac and iOS.

We’d be very happy if you could spread the word that MacFamilyTree for Mac and MobileFamilyTree for iOS are the finest apps available to discover your family history, to export great charts and reports or family tree books and websites on our free hosting service

If you are switching from Family Tree Maker to MacFamilyTree, please have a look at our migration guide.

iFinance 4 allows you to keep track of your income and expenses in the most convenient and fastest way. By taking a quick look at its useful evaluations and charts, you’ll immediately know what you spend money on and where your income comes from – optimizing your finances becomes a breeze.

iFinance 4 supports several different banking file formats like CSV, QIF, OFX, or mt940. Import your data by using one of these formats or retrieve your bank account transactions via OFX direct connect. iFinance 4 offers a broad range of easy-to-customize charts and reports. According to your specifications, iFinance analyzes precisely where your money comes from and where you spend it.


iFinance 4 for Mac iFinance 4 is sold for US$39.99. iFinance 4 for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch is offered separately at the iOS App Store and sells for USS$9,99.

A big day for screen recording and screencasting: Screenium 3 has just been released. Record exactly what you see on the screen and turn it into a screencast in next to no time. Screenium 3 lets you record at 60 frames per second, offering optimum performance for your tutorials, gameplay recordings or any other screen content you wish to record.

Screenium’s powerful video editor comes with a comprehensive tool kit that helps you create the most sophisticated screencasts. You won’t need any additional software to edit screencasts like a professional or produce impressive films.

Check out Screenium 3, download our free demo version or purchase it directly at the Mac App Store for just US$49.99. Screenium 3 requires OS X 10.9 or later and is available exclusively at the Mac App Store.