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MacFamilyTree & MobileFamilyTree 10.3 available: The Reinvention of Search, and more

MacFamilyTree 10.3 and MobileFamilyTree 10.3 are here, introducing a major new feature to experience your family history: The reinvention of searching! How are we going to do it? By replacing classic search with powerful yet easy-to-use filters.

You want to search your tree for “John,” whose surname was either “Kramer” or “Cramer,” born either in 1945 or 1955? That sounds like a simple question – yet so far, no software is able to provide an answer to that on the fly. With MacFamilyTree 10.3 and MobileFamilyTree 10.3, we offer you a completely new and innovative approach to finding information in your tree. How does it work? By replacing “searching” with “filtering”!

Version 10.3 comes as a free update to version 10 customers. For new customers, MacFamilyTree is available for just $34.99 and MobileFamilyTree for just $14.99 (50 percent discount!)