Synium Software Germany - The Best Software for Mac, iPhone and iPad

Our 20-person team based in Mainz, Germany, is passionate about developing software for Mac, iPhone, and iPad to offer our customers the best apps out there.

We began developing for Mac OS 8 in 1998 and have been creating Mac software ever since. We've been operating as "Synium Software GmbH" since 2005 and our company has grown continuously since then. Our first product, genealogy software MacFamilyTree, was followed by numerous other apps.

We create software exclusively for Mac and iOS. We refrain from ported Windows applications and cross-platform development because we firmly believe that software will only feel great to use if it has been developed for a specific platform, and is therefore able to take advantage of the latest technologies.
Synium offers a rich software portfolio: MacFamilyTree, our must-have app for genealogists, iFinance to keep track of your budget, Screenium, our screencasting tool and our powerful graphics app Logoist. We also operate the popular German-language news service

Many of our programs have won multiple awards. Logoist received the “Editor’s Choice” award and was “Best App of the Year” on the Mac App Store. MacFamilyTree can also be found regularly amongst the highly recommended applications on the Mac App Store (e.g. “Best applications of the last 30 years”). The highlight so far: In November 2020, Apple even showed off MacFamilyTree during their keynote presentation of the M1 Macs. MacFamilyTree served as an example of particularly good apps harnessing the power of the new Mac generation. In two detailed articles, Apple also portrayed our developers and the app.