MobileFamilyTree 8 is exclusively available at the App Store and requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 8 or newer
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Frequently asked questions about MobileFamilyTree 8

Can I use MobileFamilyTree 8 without a Mac or without MacFamilyTree?
MobileFamilyTree 8 can be used with all genealogy software that handles GEDCOM files (almost all genealogy solutions on the market can). You can use iTunes to upload or download your GEDCOM file from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
How can I update from MobileFamilyTree 1, 2, Pro or 7 to MobileFamilyTree 8?
MobileFamilyTree 8 is a completely new product. Since Apple does not allow paid updates in the App Store you need to click the buy now link at the top of this page to buy MobileFamilyTree 8. All updates for MobileFamilyTree 8 will be free (for example, MobileFamilyTree 8.1, 8.2 or 8.3). Until July 31st, you can buy MobileFamilyTree 8 with a 50% discount.
How can I copy a GEDCOM file from my Mac or PC to my iOS device?
To copy a GEDCOM file to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch use Apple iTunes, which can be downloaded for free from After you've connected your iOS device to your computer, select your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad from the left side bar in iTunes. Select the tab "Apps" in the device pane and look at the bottom of the window. Use the buttons to copy a GEDCOM file to or from your iOS device.
Can I use MobileFamilyTree 8 on older iOS devices?
MobileFamilyTree 8 requires an iOS device with Version 8 or later because it is dependent on certain system functions which are not available in earlier iOS versions. We recommend using iOS 9.
How can I sync MobileFamilyTree 8 with MacFamilyTree on my Mac?
You can sync MobileFamilyTree 8 wirelessly with MacFamilyTree 8 or later. You only require a free iCloud account from Apple. As soon as you have activated iCloud on your Mac, move your family tree into iCloud and the file will be available on all other devices running MacFamilyTree 8 or MobileFamilyTree 8 instantly.

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