MobileFamilyTree 9 is exclusively available at the App Store and requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 11 or newer. iOS 15 is fully supported.
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The Interactive Family Tree

Taking a quick look at your research results, navigating your family tree, editing or adding persons directly - it's all possible with the perfect starting point for your research, the Interactive Family Tree. The Interactive Family Tree has been completely redesigned for MobileFamilyTree 9, giving you a better overview and offering greater comfort than ever.

You can view up to eight generations, including siblings, at once, choose between different angles, optionally download persons directly from FamilySearch, or add information about the persons currently displayed. The MacFamilyTree 9 Interactive Tree will become your indispensable companion for exploring your family history.

Edit and Organize your Family Tree

MobileFamilyTree 9 offers all the features you need to conduct your genealogical research: Record persons, families, sources, and events right on your iOS mobile device. Use ToDos and notes to organize your research. Thanks to MobileFamilyTree 9's clear layout, you'll intuitively navigate your way around our versatile app in no time. If you do happen to get lost, simply tap on the question mark in the bottom right corner of your screen and your phone will instantly open the relevant page in the integrated help menu.


MobileFamilyTree offers versatile charts and diagrams such as the Ancestor Chart, Genealogical Chart, Hourglass Chart, Kinship Chart, Double Ancestor Chart, Statistics, Timeline, Genogram, and many more. You can view all charts and diagrams right on your device and print them on paper without a PC or Mac by using an iOS compatible printer. You can also share charts directly from within MobileFamilyTree 9 and send them to your relatives by email. You change the orientation or coloring of your charts by adjusting the app's versatile configuration settings. You can also switch to any of the other 16 languages offered by MobileFamilyTree.


MobileFamilyTree will show you all important information on persons or families in a compact and elegant manner. Comprehensive formatting options for your reports, integration of images and illustrated charts as well as printing and exporting options provide you with the greatest level of flexibility - at your next family gathering, you'll not only be able to demonstrate all the details on a given relative, but you can also present them in a larger context.

Choose between many options such as the Person Report, Family Report, Kinship Report, Narrative Report, Places List, Events List, Special Features Report, Person Analysis, Anniversaries, Person Lists, Marriage Lists, Plausibility Report, Source List, Task List, Map Report, Descendant Report, Today Report, Status Report, Timeline Report, and more. All reports can be designed or decorated to your liking, and you can even add a coat of arms. It's also perfect for relatives from another country: All reports can be generated in 16 languages.

Colorize Photos, Enhance Images

MobileFamilyTree can breathe new life into old black and white family photos, portraying them in color for your family’s enjoyment. Bring new gloss to precious family memories, thanks to MobileFamilyTree's Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based Colorization feature. For the first time, view cherished family photos through the eyes of your ancestors — during a time when color photography was still uncommon. MobileFamilyTree is also capable of enhancing the quality of images and legibility of documents – again thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Statistics Maps

The statistics maps offer statistics on your family tree you've never thought about before. The global map shows you where your ancestors' longevity was the highest, where and when a large number of children were born and where the members of your family tree were buried. MobileFamilyTree will optionally provide you with the coordinates of your family tree's places by searching a large online database containing all settlements with a population over 1,000. The Slide Show visualizes the development of individual statistics on a map. Lean back and let MacFamilyTree show you how your family tree evolved. Animated and on a high-resolution map.

AirPlay and Apple TV

The perfect tool to present your family tree: Present the Interactive Tree, the Virtual Tree and any of the included chart and report types on your TV or via a video projector. All you need is an Apple TV and you'll be able to project some of MobileFamilyTree's impressive views onto a big screen or HD TV. Your audience will be amazed!

Smart Filters - Intelligent Search and Filters

MobileFamilyTree 9 offers the most powerful filters you've ever seen in a genealogy application. With the new Smart Filters you can now limit the number of records displayed to those that are relevant to your current research activities. They can be applied to persons, families, sources, places or ToDos. This way, you can define a filter such as "Display all married men from Mayence that I've downloaded via FamilySearch and for whom media is available".

DNA Research – Store your Test Results

The latest version of MobileFamilyTree now allows users to store DNA test results. It supports all standard products, and results can then be entered and stored in MobileFamilyTree. But this is only the beginning of more exciting things to come! For future versions, we plan to combine test results with MacFamilyTree’s impressive graphic illustrations, providing users with yet more and completely new insights.