MobileFamilyTree 10 is exclusively available at the App Store and requires an iPhone or iPad with iOS 14 or newer. iOS 15 is fully supported.
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CloudTree: Research your tree together

Work with an unlimited number of persons and devices on the same family tree. All changes are synced within seconds so everything you enter is immediately available on every other device. The only thing required is MacFamilyTree 10 or MobileFamilyTree 10 on all participant’s Macs, iPhones or iPads. Although all entries are synced via CloudTree, all your information is still available locally on your Mac, iPhone or iPad, allowing you to continue your genealogical research when your device is offline. CloudTree will automatically sync any changes once you reconnect to the internet.

One Family Tree, multiple Devices, multiple Users

Invite other users to work on the same family tree with you. Any changes will be synchronized and available on other users' devices in a matter of seconds. Looking at the change history, you'll be able to quickly identify which changes were made by which user. If you prefer, you can make your family tree available as a read-only version instead. Improved in version 10: CloudTree has been sped up tremendously, you are going to notice significant improvements while downloading entries.

Only you decide what happens to your data

Apple is known for its high data protection standards. MobileFamilyTree's CloudTree Sync feature operates under the same strict standards since it relies on Apple’s iCloud infrastructure. Access to your family tree is restricted to yourself and only you decide who gets to see your data. Other people will only be able to view your family tree if you've sent them an invitation.

FamilySearch – Billions of Entries, Photos, Documents

FamilySearch is the world's largest online collection of genealogical data. It offers more than six billion person entries, which you can browse in MobileFamilyTree 10 - from the comfort of your home and free of charge. FamilySearch not only provides a huge database filled with personal and family data, you can also browse original documents and take a look at, for example, old monastery log books, shipping registers or court data. You can use FamilySearch as a pure research tool or to work on large family trees together with other people.