MobileFamilyTree 10 is exclusively available at the App Store and requires an iPhone or iPad with iOS 14 or newer. iOS 15 is fully supported.
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What's new in MobileFamilyTree 10

MobileFamilyTree 10 is by far the largest update we've ever released for our popular genealogy software. Version 10 comes with a huge number of new features and improvements, almost every section of the app was either re-developed or hugely improved. For the first time, MobileFamilyTree's edit section is on par with MacFamilyTree.

New: Edit Section

  • Completely new edit section – redeveloped from scratch
  • Automatically adjusts to small and large screen to make the best use of the available space
  • Edit most information directly in lists: A tap on a list expands a specific row and reveals a form to enter data
  • Completely configurable: Specify which forms should be present when editing a specific entry and where they should appear
  • Separate edit and display mode: In display mode, only forms with information present will be displayed. In edit mode, all forms are shown
  • Use speech recognition to fill in long texts
  • Directly display the Interactive Tree or maps in the person edit section

New: User Interface

  • Modern, convenient, powerful
  • Redesigned function selection
  • Assign unique colors for genders and function categories
  • Re-order and enable/disable specific functions
  • Greatly enhanced user interface when MobileFamilyTree is used in Side-By-Side-Mode

New: Interactive Tree

  • Greatly enhanced appearance: New person symbols, new generation sections and connections
  • Vastly improved performance
  • Improved editing of persons and families
  • New camera orientations added
  • New lighting modes added
  • Improved display of numbering systems

New: Virtual Tree

  • Completely rewritten from scratch, relying on the latest Apple technologies
  • Vastly improved appearance
  • Simulates depth of field for impressive visuals
  • Greatly enhanced alignment of persons in the Virtual Tree – even for complex family trees
  • Vastly improved performance: Most of the family trees will be displayed instantaneously without delay
  • Relationship paths: Display, how two persons are related – just like in the Relationship Chart

Virtual Tree AR mode – Standing right in the middle of your Family History

  • New and spectacular: Literally walk through your tree
  • Place your tree on the table or in the entire room
  • State-of-the-art technology makes it possible: no matter how you move, the tree stays in the same absolute position in the room
  • You’ve never experienced your family history this close before

New: Person Groups

  • Create as many person groups as you like (e.g. members of the Miller family, relatives you know in person, relatives from Tampa)
  • Branches and specific parts of your family tree may now be separated using Person Groups
  • Option to only display members of specific person groups in charts
  • Statistics Chart may be limited to specific person groups allowing only the evaluation of specific branches or set of persons
  • The Interactive Tree as well as all charts can now show persons in the colors of their person group

New: Source Management

  • Completely new template system for sources
  • Large number of included source templates for all commonly used sources – but you can also add your own, custom source templates
  • Fully configurable source templates: Add your own fields to source templates or remove fields you don’t require
  • Completely configurable source citations: Specify how source citations should be displayed in reports
  • Source repositories may now contain a complete postal address, web site address, phone number and email address
  • Unknown GEDCOM tags may now be added as new source template fields when importing a GEDCOM file
  • Duplicate source templates or source fields may be merged to avoid duplicates

New: Virtual Globe

  • Completely redeveloped from line one – based on Apple Metal for the best possible performance
  • Available on iOS and iPadOS for the first time
  • Improved appearance
  • New timeline control: See when events took place and adjust the date range to limit the number of results
  • Pictures of places are now displayed on the Virtual Globe
  • Spectacular AR mode: Place the Globe on your table or in the room


  • Restructured family tree database resulting in greatly enhanced performance
  • Zooming in larger pictures is now much more responsive
  • Vastly improved performance when using FamilySearch – especially in larger family tree with many results
  • Reports are now displayed using considerably less processing power
  • CloudTree: Synching is considerably faster now

New: Scan Documents using iPhone or iPad camera

  • Take pictures of photos or documents and import them into your family tree
  • Documents and photos will be automatically straightened and cropped
  • No scanner required – the camera of your iPhone and iPad is all you need

And so much more!

  • Support for GEDCOM 7
  • Improved charts
  • Improved reports
  • Copy&Paste of person or family events
  • Improved Start Window: Hide all trees, better structure, convenient sorting options
  • Improved Import from Address Book (incl. images, relationships, multiple person imports simultaneously)
  • New Numbering Systems (Henry, D’Aboville, Kekulé/Sosa)