MobileFamilyTree 10 is exclusively available on the App Store and requires an iPhone or iPad with iOS 14 or newer. iOS 17 is fully supported.
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Tech Specs

  • Create and edit an unlimited number of family trees
  • Synchronize family trees between Macs and iOS devices using iCloud
  • User-definable date and name formats
  • User-definable event types (About 50 predefined person event types such as birth, christening and death. About 20 predefined family event types such as engagement, marriage and divorce)
  • User-definable fact types (About 20 predefined fact types such as eye color, height and weight)
  • User-definable name types
  • User-definable labels
  • Smart Filters to quickly find groups of persons (e.g. all living persons born before 1860 with at least one picture assigned)
  • Highly configurable charts, lists and reports
Sync & Collaborate
  • CloudTree Sync – Sync your tree across an unlimited number of devices leveraging Apple’s iCloud infrastructure
  • CloudTree Share – Collaborate right from within the app and share your family tree with other users
  • No size limitations: Sync and share family trees with an arbitrary count of persons or families
  • Alternatively, synchronize family trees between Macs and iOS devices using iCloud Drive
  • Completely configurable edit section
  • Edit persons using classical forms or the new Interactive Tree
  • Manage families
  • Manage Places (integrated coordinates lookup for place names)
  • Manage To-dos
  • Change History
  • Plausibility Tests for entered data
  • Manage information about the author of the family tree
  • Store Family Crests
  • Search & replace, including nested hierarchical queries
Sources & Source Templates:
  • Completely configurable source templates
  • Over 100 predefined source templates included
  • Configurable source template fields
  • Attach pictures, PDFs, audio or websites to sources
  • Full FamilySearch integration (optional)
  • Ordinance Sync for members of the LDS church (optional)<
  • Research Assistent (autogenerated questions for missing information)
  • Store Pictures, Videos, Audio or PDF files as well as Websites as Media
  • Media may be assigned to Persons, Families, Sources, Places or Events
  • Crop and Rotate Pictures
  • Automatically Colorize old Black & White Photographs using Machine Learning
  • Enhance Pictures and Scanned Documents using Machine Learning
  • Virtual Tree
  • Virtual Globe
  • Statistic Maps
  • Gallery
  • Family Quiz
  • Tree Chart
  • Hourglass Chart
  • Ancestor Chart
  • Fractal Ancestor Chart
  • Double Ancestor Chart
  • Fan Chart
  • Descendant Chart
  • Timeline
  • Statistics Chart
  • Relationship Chart
  • Genogram Chart
  • Fractal Ancestor H Tree
  • Fractal Ancestor HV Tree
  • Fractal Symmetrical Tree
  • Fractal Circular Tree
  • Fractal Ancestor Tree Chart
  • Name Distribution
  • Most charts can be completely customized with many styles, orientations and options to choose from.
  • Person Report
  • Person Events Report
  • Family Group Report
  • Kinship Report
  • Map Report
  • Narrative Report
  • Ahnentafel Report
  • Descendancy Report
  • Status Report
  • Timeline Report
  • Today Report
  • Events List
  • Facts List
  • Distinctive Persons List
  • Plausibility Report
  • Anniversary List
  • Places List
  • Person Analysis
  • Persons List
  • Marriage List
  • ToDo List
  • Sources List
  • LDS Ordinances List
  • Changes List
  • Marriages List
  • Create PDF files or print any of the numerous lists, charts and reports
  • Also supports export as plain text, RTF text or CSV files
GEDCOM Support:
  • Support for GEDCOM 5.5.1 as well as GEDCOM 7
  • Create a new family tree from an existing GEDCOM file or append a GEDCOM file to an existing family tree
  • Upon import, the format of the GEDCOM will automatically be detected (Supported formats are: ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16, MacOS Roman, Windows Latin and about 80 more formats)
  • Export your complete family tree as a GEDCOM file or just a specific set of persons
  • Supported formats: ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16, MacOS Roman, Windows Latin (Line end format: MacOS, Windows, Unix)
  • Option to hide private information or information on living people
  • Option to export pictures, movies, audio files, PDFs, URLs and notes
  • Export subsets of your family tree as a GEDCOM or MacFamilyTree file
Supported Languages:
System Requirements:
  • Any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 14 or later