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Version History

The demo version of MacFamilyTree 9 is fully functional except for saving, printing and CloudTree sync.

In order to uninstall the demo version, simply drag it to the trash.
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Version 9.3.3
MacFamilyTree 9 is exclusively available at the Mac App Store.

macOS High Sierra, macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina, macOS Big Sur or macOS Monterey is required to use MacFamilyTree. Fully optimized for M1-based Macs.
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MacFamilyTree 9 Version History

13 Dec 2021
  • Improved Auto-Download-Feature from FamilySearch
  • Stability of CloudTree Sync improved
  • Sorting of the ToDo list by Priority or Status is now handled correctly
  • Detection of incorrect dates improved
  • Other bug fixes
28 Jul 2021
  • Major performance improvements when using the FamilySearch integration
  • Several bugs fixed
15 Jul 2021
  • Minor Bugfixes
15 Jul 2021
  • Completely New FamilySearch Integration
  • Hint-based card system showing possible actions for persons or historical records
  • Upload and Download Pictures from FamilySearch
  • If pictures or historical records are available for a person, these can be downloaded to the local family tree database
  • Pictures from your local family tree can be uploaded to FamilySearch in order to contribute to the "FamilySearch Family Tree"
  • Edit metadata for pictures on FamilySearch, such as title or the description
  • Completely New Sync Compare View
  • Names, events, partners, and children are now displayed in groups
  • Data already synced is now displayed side-by-side, greatly enhancing the clarity of information
  • Remove locally stored information directly from the new compare view – for example, to replace them with data from FamilySearch. No need to exit the compare view anymore
  • Facts like "Physical Description“ can now be synced with FamilySearch
  • Merging of duplicate persons on FamilySearch greatly enhanced
  • Gender can now be updated on FamilySearch persons
  • Greatly enhanced Background Scans on FamilySearch
  • Improved result quality when scanning for person matches on FamilySearch
  • Automatic Matches: When scanning for person matches, MacFamilyTree will automatically match persons when there is a distinct high-quality match. In order to review auto-matches, these are displayed in a list for verification.
  • MacFamilyTree now scans persons for historical records and sources on FamilySearch, like Census information
  • Background scan results are now stored in the family tree database. This way, scans seamlessly continue after re-opening your family tree and won’t start over
  • Greatly improved result lists including enhanced layout, sorting and more
  • MacFamilyTree now also scans for person pictures available on FamilySearch
  • Faster scan for LDS "Ordinance Opportunities" on FamilySearch
  • Improved Manual Search on FamilySearch
  • Completely configurable person search – specify what search filters should be matched when searching for persons
  • Many new search filters available, for example "Birth Date of Mother“
  • Greatly enhanced layout of search results
  • If no automatic matches can be found on FamilySearch, persons can now be matched using a manual search
  • Auto-Download of Persons
  • Much faster download of persons than previously
  • Specify if only ancestors, descendants or all related persons should be downloaded for a given start person
  • Optionally, pictures of persons are also downloaded from FamilySearch to your local family tree
  • Further enhancements of the FamilySearch Integration
  • When downloading places, geographic coordinates are automatically downloaded from FamilySearch
  • FamilySearch user name and password is now optionally stored per family tree
  • Enhanced Interactive Tree
  • Greatly improved performance
  • Display of Information on FamilySearch enhanced – Icons including an explanation show the status of persons on FamilySearch
  • Further enhancements
  • Completely new Register Report
  • Tree Chart may now be displayed with a single ancestor or descendant generation
  • Improved display of person facts in all charts
  • Further performance enhancements on M1 Macs
  • Improvements when using macOS Big Sur
12 Nov 2020
  • Native version for Apple Silicon on Mac
  • Major user interface update for macOS Big Sur
18 Aug 2020
  • Large Charts now work reliably when exporting websites
  • Notes are now sorted by creation date when exporting a GEDCOM file
  • The initial scale of the Virtual Globe is now chosen correctly when using a Retina display
  • Managing LDS Ordinances on FamilySearch improved
21 Jul 2020
  • Media can now be opened when referenced from a source
  • Source citations now show up correctly when exporting a website
  • Person images are now displayed correctly when editing a chart
  • Localization updates
15 Jun 2020
  • Colorize Black & White Photos
  • Magically create color images from your precious black & white photographs in a single click — with the help of Artificial Intelligence
  • MacFamilyTree’s Artificial Intelligence automatically recognizes grass, sky, and faces and then chooses the appropriate colors
  • Works especially well with Portraits, Landscape Photographs, and Group Pictures of up to 10 Persons
  • Image Enhancement
  • Enhances pictures with the help of Machine Learning
  • Scales Pictures up to quadruple the size of the original to reveal details not present in the Original Picture
  • Removes noise and Compression Artifacts — especially useful for older scanned documents and low-resolution images
  • New Image-Editing Features
  • Stepless rotation and easy to use crop function for photographs and scanned documents
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation of images
  • Non-Destructive: Every Operation can be reverted and Original Images are never altered
  • Further Media Improvements
  • Drastic performance enhancements of the Media Gallery and the Edit Media Section
  • Smooth zooming using gestures on your trackpad or your scroll wheel in the Edit Media Section
  • Improved titles for Imported Images
  • New Reports
  • New Status Report contains a summary of your Family Tree – for example, how many Persons or Families have been added
  • Timeline Report: Shows the chronology of a Person and Close Relatives
  • Today Report lists all events that have occurred on Today’s Date in your Family Tree
  • LDS Ordinances Report: lists all ordinances that have been reserved or printed (For LDS members)
  • Fact List: Displays all entered Facts grouped by Fact Type
  • Report Improvements:
  • The Places List can now display Media that has been added to a Place
  • Adjust the size of Person Pictures in all reports
  • The Person List Report can now display the Person Picture in an additional column
  • New minimalistic book style
  • Information may now be displayed as a List or Table in every Report
  • Display Notes, Labels, and Reference Numbers in the Person List Report
  • Further Improvements
  • Improved editing of Custom Events and Fact Types
  • Improved compatibility with Family Search and the updated LDS Temple List
  • Web Site Export: Improved display of Notes
  • Large charts that have been exported as PDF files are now compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Plausibility Warnings now work correctly when using approximate date formats
01 Apr 2020
  • Reliability of CloudTree improved
  • Issues displaying maps in the maps report fixed
  • Merging larger family trees now works as expected
  • Custom event and fact types are now handled correctly in the person list report
  • Using Smart Filters with To Dos works correctly now
  • Issue launching MacFamilyTree fixed when the default network interface is not present
  • Layout of sub sections in reports improved
  • Localication improvements
  • French user guide added
24 Oct 2019
  • Issues using Source Citations in Books fixed
  • Privacy settings are now evaluated correctly for the Kinship Report
  • Error displaying long notes in the Edit section corrected
  • Sorting in the Map Report improved
  • Books: When selecting families or persons, the lists are now sorted correctly
  • Search using FamilySearch improved
  • Preparations for a future FamilySearch update
  • Issue editing family event types corrected
  • Fan Chart: Kinships are now correctly displayed for descendants
  • Localization improvements
23 Sep 2019
  • Description of events added to the Family Report
  • Issues in the Family Report settings fixed
  • Improvements displaying step or adopted relationships in the Kinship Report
  • Web Export: Issues displaying Statistic Charts resolved
  • Performance when copying family trees using AirDrop improved
  • Stability improvements when using CloudTree
  • Performance of the Virtual Globe vastly improved when displaying a large number of places
  • Person Report: Improvements displaying facts
  • Localization improvements
02 Sep 2019
  • Descendancy Report now optionally displays the place of marriage
  • Fixed layouting issues in the fan chart
  • Narrative Report evaluates divorce events correctly now
  • The Distribution Chart and Statistic Chart are now correctly evaluating the specified date range
  • In charts as well as in reports, the calculated age will now correctly be displayed in the specified language
  • Events list in the Person Report improved
  • Localisation improvements
23 Aug 2019
  • Sorting in the Map Report now works as expected
  • Stability of the Interactive Tree improved when multiple windows are used
  • Sharing the Family Report via AirDrop now works as expected
  • Issues in the settings of the Narrative Report fixed
  • The Slideshow now works as expected
  • Search improvements
  • Notes that are referenced multiple times are now correctly imported from GEDCOM files
  • Text of source citations will now import correctly from GEDCOM files
  • Issues using the Web Research function fixed
  • Sorting of Events in Charts improved
21 Aug 2019
  • Stability improvements when syncing with CloudTree
  • Sorting in the Sources Report now works as expected
  • Exporting and removing partial trees now works with family trees of any size
  • The hourglass chart and the genfgram chart can now be customised to just show one ancestor or descendant generation
  • Charts in reports will now appear correctly when exporting as a PDF file
  • Sorting of events in the person and family report fixed
  • The person report now displays the authority and cause of events
19 Aug 2019
  • Books: Option added to hide subsections from the table of contents
  • Books: Option added to hide chapter numbers
  • Web search: added
  • Display of dates in reports improved
  • Event descriptions can now be reliably hidden in the Fan Chart
  • Bugs fixed for a future macOS release
  • Issues exporting web sites resolved
  • Events list can now display the cause, authority or address of events
13 Aug 2019
  • Zooming by pinch gesture is now supported in the Edit Media section
  • Cause and description of events can now be displayed when diagram with the Card style is selected
  • Editing the tree chart improved
  • Several stability improvements
11 Aug 2019
  • Charts can now display the cause of events in addition to the description, date and type
  • Family Report configuration enhanced: Optionally hide reference numbers, improved configuration layout
  • Enhancements for Dark Mode
  • The Hourglass chart in the Person Report now displays the correct count of generations
  • The orientation of the Relationship Chart fixed
  • Markers for living persons in the Genogram are now displayed reliably
07 Aug 2019
  • Family trees from previous versions that have been uploaded on CloudTree can not be deleted reliably
  • Limit the count of generations to be displayed in the Virtual Tree
  • Layout of the Fan Chart improved
  • The Ahnentafel Report can now display up to 100 generations
  • Option to hide the description of events in charts
05 Aug 2019
  • Order of place name components in reports fixed
  • User interface customization is now retained after relaunching MacFamilyTree
  • Localization improvements
30 Jul 2019
  • New User Interface
  • Layout vastly improved, modern design
  • Improved space usage, especially when using the edit section
  • Improved display of children as a list when editing families
  • Configurable color scheme
  • Completely new Charts
  • Greatly enhanced performance
  • Multicore processors found in modern Macs are fully utilized
  • Rendering charts is completely handled by the graphics hardware/GPU
  • Nearly unlimited options configuring charts
  • Many included themes and templates
  • Text-only themes
  • Themes optimised for monochrome printing
  • Much improved and more efficient PDF export
  • Bitmap export as a PNG or JPEG file, optionally as individual pages
  • Several options to colorize generations added
  • Improved display of step and adoptive relationships
  • Age of the person at time of an event can be included optionally
  • Improved search for specific persons in a chart
  • New coloring options: By age and by birth year
  • Customize the name format to be used in a chart
  • Choose between different date formats (like long or short formats) to be displayed
  • New Chart Edit Mode (Mac)
  • Improved user interface layout
  • Edit events or facts to be shown for specific persons
  • Improved options for text added to the chart
  • Improved arrows and lines: More options and line/arrow labels
  • Enhanced options to distribute the chart to multiple pages
  • Undo/redo
  • New Tree Chart
  • Much improved layout
  • Greatly enhanced performance
  • Persons are grouped for easier navigation
  • Many new options to configure the Tree Chart
  • New Fan Chart
  • Optionally include person images
  • Many new themes and templates
  • New configuration options added
  • Optionally displays all events and facts for persons
  • Greatly enhanced text display
  • New Descendancy Chart
  • Improved layout
  • Can display up to 100 generations
  • Improved Statistics Chart
  • Much improved configuration options
  • Fully customise the appearance of the diagram grid
  • Optionally display numbers at each data point
  • Much improved performance
  • New statistic type: Month of divorce
  • New statistic type: First names
  • New statistic type: Titles
  • New statistic type: Age at christening
  • New statistic type: Age at retirement
  • New statistic type: Place of marriage, country of marriage
  • New statistic type: Place of burial, country of burial
  • New statistic type: Year of christening, year of burial
  • New statistic type: Genders
  • Option to exclude events and facts marked as private
  • New Distribution Chart
  • Visualize the distribution of names, birth place, birth country and genders over time
  • Also displays all person facts, like eye color, over time
  • Additionally shows the distribution of illnesses and occupations over time
  • Improved configuration options
  • Much improved graphics
  • Enhanced performance
  • New Double Ancestor Chart
  • New layout options added
  • Much improved layout and space usage
  • Optionally include brothers and sisters of ancestors
  • Improved Ancestor Chart
  • New compact view
  • Improved display of branches (when two distinct branches are colliding, they are separated by a greater distance)
  • Start person and partners are displayed in separate groups optionally
  • Now supports up to 100 generations
  • Optionally include brothers and sisters of the ancestors
  • Improved Hourglass Chart
  • Much improved layout
  • Many new configuration options added
  • Optionally display brothers and sisters of ancestors
  • Improved Timeline
  • Better space usage and layout
  • Optionally display the persons age at the time of event
  • New coloring option: By age
  • Improved Genogram
  • Configurable Layout
  • Much improved display of events
  • Improved connection lines
  • Improved Saved Charts Section
  • Better user interface
  • Improved Thumbnails
  • Completely new Reports and Lists
  • Many themes and styles included ranging from plain text to coloful and complex designs
  • Each report and report theme is completely configurable to the last detail
  • Export all lists as CSV files compatible to Numbers and Excel
  • All reports can be exported as plain text or RTF files
  • On larger screens, several report pages can be shown side-by-side for better space usage
  • Choose between different date formats (like long or short formats) to be displayed
  • Source citations are now completely configurable. All information from a source can also be included in the source citation.
  • Choose between three on-screen display modes: Normal page, endless page without page breaks or scalable full-screen view
  • Click on persons, events, places, sources or media in a report to directly access the entry in the edit section
  • New Report Edit Mode
  • Undo/redo supported
  • Customize each word, color or font of a report
  • Remove unwanted sections in a report
  • Add annotations, pictures, PDFs and Text as well as additional rows in tables
  • Copy & paste text from or to the new reports editor
  • New Person List
  • Freely specify what should be displayed in each column
  • Many options to customize sorting and grouping
  • Improved Person Report
  • Overview section at the beginning of the person report
  • Much improved ancestors and descendants section
  • Specify how large images of persons are displayed
  • Optionally display reference numbers like GEDCOM IDs or AFN numbers
  • Improved Family Report
  • Much improved layout of events and facts
  • Optionally display reference numbers like GEDCOM IDs or AFN numbers
  • Optionally, the family report shows an overview of the selected family at the start of the report
  • Improved Descendancy Report
  • Much improved layout, especially when displaying parents
  • Optionally display marriage dates or further information about parents
  • Improved Map Report
  • Configure which person events should be used to display the map report
  • Optionally consolidate events at the same place
  • Improved Marriage List / Family List
  • New grouping options: By last name of husband, last name of wife or marriage place
  • Freely specify what should be displayed in each column
  • Improved Events List
  • Optionally deactivate the grouping of events by year
  • Option to only evaluate events of living persons
  • Improved Places List
  • Option to only evaluate events of living persons
  • Improved grouping options
  • Enhanced display of events at a place
  • Improved Anniversary Report
  • Optionally displays the anniversary year of an event
  • Much improved configuration options
  • Improved Person Analysis
  • Improved user interface for selecting the analysis mode
  • Enhanced display of persons in the report
  • Improved Sources List
  • Specify how large images of the source should be displayed
  • New grouping option: By source archive
  • Improved To Do Report
  • Optionally display an overview at the beginning of the report showing the count of unresolved and resolved to dos in the family tree
  • Enhanced Family Tree Books
  • Exactly specify which fonts should be used in your book
  • Also, all colors can be freely configured for the whole book
  • Choose what should be shown on the title page of your book
  • Specify an image for the title page or a family crest
  • Options to configure the page margins for odd and even pages
  • Improved Welcome Window
  • Completely rewritten
  • Much improved layout
  • Sorting options added
  • Add DNA test results to each person in your family tree – every major genealogy test vendor is supported
  • Support for Y-DNA, mtDNA and autosomal DNA tests
  • Additionally add media (PDFs, images), notes and to dos for each test
  • Option to add raw DNA data for each test
  • Multiple tests of different vendors can be added to a single person if required
  • CloudTree
  • The restriction which limits sharing of databases to 5.000 persons has been lifted. It is now possible to share family trees of any size (version 9 is required)
  • Much faster invitation of participants to family trees: Inviting new members now takes a few seconds instead of a few minutes
  • More efficient sync: Especially for small changes, syncing only takes a fraction of a second
  • Database
  • Much improved configuration options for parent-child relations: Specify how the child is related to the mother and father separately
  • Title can now be entered as an additional name
  • Specify which images should be displayed in the icon of the family tree. Optionally, the family crest can be used as the family tree icon
  • Optionally hide specific person and family images to be displayed in charts or in the interactive tree
  • Alternate place names can be entered for each place or transferred from the coordinate lookup feature
  • If no known birth dates for children are present, the birth order can be manually specified
  • Display of a persons has been improved to be shown as components (years, months, days) instead of a fractional number
  • Author Information and Family Crests
  • For every family tree, enter information and notes about the author
  • Additionally, store family crests directly in the family tree database
  • Optionally display family crests and author information in charts and reports
  • Improved compatibility to PEDI tags used in Families
  • Submitter information in GEDCOM files is now supported
  • New Help/Manual system
  • In every section, a small question mark is shown. By using it, you are directly taken to the relevant page in the manual
  • Integrated reader: Read the manual directly from within the app