Current Version: 5.1.2

Version History

The demo version is fully functional, but all pictures are watermarked.
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Version 5.1.2
Logoist 5 is exclusively available on the App Store.

On the Mac, macOS 11 Big Sur, macOS 12 Monterey, macOS 13 Ventura or macOS 14 Sonoma is required to use Logoist 5. Fully optimized for M1-, M2- and M3-based Macs. On iPad or iPhone, iOS 15, iOS 16 and iOS 17 is supported. Please note that VectorAI has further system requirements.
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All New Features in Logoist 5

Logoist 5 for iPad and iPhone

  • In addition to the macOS Version, Logoist 5 is now available for iPad and iPhone – with a single purchase
  • The iPad and iPhone edition features a custom-tailored user interface designed specifically for mobile devices
  • Logoist 5 for iPad and iPhone is a full-featured vector design app, offering all the features of the Mac version
  • Easily share documents between the Mac and iPad/iPhone versions
  • Sync your documents seamlessly across your Apple devices using iCloud Drive
  • Logoist 5 for iPadOS supports multiple windows and multiple open documents – including Stage Manager

VectorAI image creator

  • Creates resolution-independent vector images
  • Choose between different styles
  • On-device processing, your data does not leave your device
  • Modify and adjust all results directly in Logoist or export images for use in other apps
  • Minimum requirements: A Mac with an Apple M Chip, an iPhone 12, an iPad Air (5th Generation), iPad (10th Gen.), iPad mini (6th Gen.), or an iPad Pro (11″ 4th Gen., 12,9″ 5th Gen.)

LiveShape – Paint with Vectors

  • Create freehand drawings with Apple Pencil, your trackpad, or your mouse
  • Enjoy fully configurable painting tools, including calligraphy pens
  • Generate printable and editable vector graphics and paths, not simple bitmaps
  • LiveShape provides a wide array of tools to refine and alter your artwork, offering a sculpting-like experience with paths
  • Work with multiple layers, allowing you to hide individual layers to focus on specific aspects of your work
  • Leverage pressure, tilt, and rotation of the Apple Pencil 2 to dynamically change the pen shape while you draw

Apple Pencil Support

  • Logoist 5 for iPad provides full support for both first and second-generation Apple Pencil
  • LiveShape utilizes pencil pressure, tilt, and rotation for stunning calligraphy effects
  • Logoist fully harnesses the Hover feature of the second-generation Apple Pencil when used with a compatible iPad
  • You can use the complete Logoist user interface with the Apple Pencil without the need to switch between your finger and the pencil

Shared Styles

  • Object styles are no longer limited to individual objects
  • With Logoist 5, you can apply a single style to multiple objects, ensuring they share the same fill, border, and effects
  • Modifying the shared style automatically updates all associated objects
  • This feature is particularly valuable when many objects in a document share the same style and need to be edited collectively

Support for SideCar and Pen Tablets / Digitizer Tablets

  • When Logoist 5 for Mac is displayed on an iPad using SideCar, LiveShape also uses pressure, tilt and rotation when drawing with an Apple Pencil
  • Logoist 5 for Mac is now compatible with Pen Tablets / Digitizer Tablets and evaluates pressure, tilt and rotation

User Interface

  • The startup window has undergone a complete redesign for a fresh and intuitive experience
  • Handles on the canvas have been significantly improved, intelligently auto-hiding based on user actions
  • Dark Mode support has been greatly enhanced for a seamless dark-themed experience
  • Logoist 5 for Mac now respects system preferences for the tint color

Much improved Text Editing

  • Logoist 5 now presents a list of all used letters for quick and easy selection
  • Individual letters can be scaled, rotated, and skewed to achieve precise text effects
  • Over- and underfill options are available for individual letters
  • Resize letters directly on the canvas using handles
  • Easily reposition single letters by dragging them to new locations
  • The font selection is now displayed in a dedicated area, providing more workspace
  • Enter text directly on the canvas, eliminating the need to access the inspector for text input

Fill Objects with Objects

  • Logoist 5 introduces the ability to randomly distribute objects as a fill or border of another object
  • For instance, you can embellish the border of text with stars or fill an object with soap bubbles
  • Achieve stunning effects by specifying custom blend modes to control how the randomly distributed objects are rendered

Improved Performance

  • Significantly improved performance, with speed enhancements ranging from 10 to 50 percent depending on the Mac model
  • Optimized for Macs with Apple Silicon (Macs featuring an “M” chip)
  • Performance sees a substantial boost when using boolean operations

Improved Color Picker

  • Colors used on the artboard are now directly visible on the color wheel, making color selection more intuitive
  • The new color picker smartly aligns with already used colors on the artboard when selecting a color from the wheel
  • Editing gradients on the canvas has been vastly improved for greater flexibility
  • The color picker now utilizes available space more efficiently

Color Suggestions

  • Need a better color? Logoist 5 makes suggestions based on color theory
  • Logoist 5 calculates complementary, triadic, tetradic colors, as well as mid-tones and pastel variants

Align filters with Objects

  • In Logoist 5, filters can be locked to the orientation of an object
  • For example, when you rotate an object, the assigned gradient will also rotate accordingly
  • This is especially useful when working with embedded documents or object instances


  • A new freeform distorter has been added to Logoist 5, allowing you to freely distort a path or object using four handles for precise adjustments


  • You can now paste styles to multiple selected objects for efficient editing
  • The rendering of ruler guides on the canvas has been vastly improved for accuracy
  • The filter lab now supports the alteration of lens flare objects
  • When assigning new filters to objects, default values are now selected based on the object’s size
  • Gradients are rendered with greater accuracy, even when assigned to very small objects