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Version 7.6.2
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OS X 10.7 Lion, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, OS X 10.9 Maverick, OS X 10.10 Yosemite or OS X 10.11 El Capitan is required to use MacFamilyTree.
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MacFamilyTree 7 Version History

24 Nov 2015
  • Several issues printing Reports to multiple pages solved
  • Added support for importing URLs in Sources from GEDCOM
  • Issue solved preventing media to show up in iCloud synced databases
  • Uploading person and family events to FamilySearch improved
  • Several localization issues fixed
22 Sep 2015
  • FamilySearch login issues fixed
  • Coordinate lookup fixed
  • Several localization issues corrected
  • Fixes for an upcoming OS X release
11 Aug 2015
  • Enhanced Source Management
  • Add notes to every individual source citation
  • Revamped options to assign source evidence, information and quality
  • Improved person and family event lists to display if source citations are available
  • Better display of source citations
  • Improved overview of citations when viewing a source
  • Copy & Paste for source citations
  • Improved source selection view when adding sources to entries
  • New Person Analysis Report
  • Displays interesting facts about your family tree, for example which persons have the same occupation or eye color
  • 18 data sources for person facts and events
  • New Fractal Ancestor Chart
  • Compact chart showing all ancestors of a person
  • Printable and configurable
  • Further Improvements
  • Greatly enhanced performance of person, family, source and place edit sections
  • Automatically assign place, county, state and country names when searching for coordinates of places
  • Compatibility to the upcoming new version of OS X
  • Improved sorting and display of dates before christ
24 Jul 2015
  • Several issues creating family books fixed
  • Localization issues corrected
  • Sorting in the media report fixed
  • FamilySearch matches are now displayed correctly
  • Crash issue when editing persons resolved
02 Jul 2015
  • Issues using the Research Assistant corrected
  • Date issues in the Anniversary Report fixed
  • Sorting issues in the Marriage List Report fixed
  • Sorting issues in the Person Report fixed
  • Sources are now correctly displayed when exporting web sites
19 Jun 2015
  • Problems migrating previous databases corrected
  • Issues importing GEDCOM files with place coordinates fixed
  • Several localization issues fixed
  • Descendancy report is now available in up to 15 generations
03 Jun 2015
  • Genealogy Book Creation and Printing
  • Create complete genealogy books of your family tree
  • Lots of different styles and templates
  • Export as PDF file or print it out on your printer
  • Auto-create books highlighting a person, family or your complete database
  • Much improved Place management
  • Add Media, Notes and Labels to places
  • Apple Maps integration: Places are directly displayed on a map when editing
  • FamilySearch Record Hints
  • Directly view historical documents from within MacFamilyTree (birth, death certificates, census information etc)
  • Add historical documents as sources to your persons
  • Added support for Apples brand new Photos App
  • Improved Map view when editing persons & families & events
  • New all-textual styles for all reports
  • All charts & diagrams can be displayed and exported in 15 languages
  • Support for multiple numbering systems & person identifiers (AFN, RIN etc)
  • New Anniversary Report
  • New Map Report
  • Improved Fan Chart
  • To Do management improved
  • Interactive Tree improvements (Add brothers & sisters with a single clicks, more enhancements)
31 Mar 2015
  • GEDCOM import issues fixed
  • Duplicate search improved
02 Mar 2015
  • Issue uploading persons to FamilySearch corrected
09 Dec 2014
  • Stability improvements using FamilySearch integration
  • Issue displaying the correct name format resolved
  • Stability issue when adding photos from iPhoto resolved
  • Further smaller bugs fixed
28 Oct 2014
  • graphical glitch displaying charts corrected
  • localization issues corrected
  • m4a audio files can now be added to the database
  • other smaller fixes
16 Oct 2014
  • Beautiful new User Interface in Yosemite look
  • Handoff: Continue on your Mac what you started on your iPhone - and vice versa!
  • Much improved navigation bar
21 Aug 2014
  • Fixes for OS X Yosemite
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent successful creation of a backup
  • Localization issues fixed
16 Jul 2014
  • Preparation for FamilySearch Private Spaces
09 Jul 2014
  • Fixed upload issues to FamilySearch
  • Person context option in the edit section works correctly now
  • Issues exporting PDF files fixed
  • Several smaller issues generating reports fixed
01 Jul 2014
  • Fixed issue preventing login to for some users
25 Jun 2014
  • Completely rewritten Reports
  • All reports have been rewritten from the ground up
  • Select report styles from lots of available presets
  • All reports can be displayed and exported in 16 languages
  • Choose custom watermarks, ornaments and borders for reports
  • New Descendancy Report
  • Much improved printing of reports
  • Improved PDF generation of reports
  • Paginated preview of the reports for printout
  • Rewritten narrative report including „text to speech“
  • Adjustable font scale for all reports
  • Improved Interactive Tree
  • Zoom the Interactive Tree for better overview and navigation
  • Improved user interface for better readability
  • Much improved performance
  • Display more generations simultaneously
  • Improved FamilySearch integration
  • Completely redesigned FamilySearch overview pane
  • Completely rewritten results list
  • Improved performance when scanning for matches on FamilySearch
  • Better detection of updated persons on FamilySearch including better change log
  • Improved discovery of further online information on FamilySearch
  • Faster scanning for matches and further information
  • Other
  • Refined user interface
  • Improved search function in the person list sidebar
  • New startup window
  • Major performance enhancements in all edit sections
  • Better scrolling behaviour when using a third-party mouse
23 Apr 2014
  • Several fixes and improvements handling databases
08 Mar 2014
  • Fixed an issue where MacFamilyTree appeared to be hanging while creating an automatic backup
18 Feb 2014
  • Now FamilySearch TreeShare Certified!
  • - Much enhanced FamilySearch person compare view
  • - FamilySearch source management added
  • - FamilySearch performance greatly enhanced
  • - Previously added persons can now be removed from FamilySearch
  • - Duplicate family events can now be removed from FamilySearch
  • - Better duplicate discovery on FamilySearch
  • - Improved FamilySearch change log
  • - Improved FamilySearch discussions
  • Other enhancements:
  • - Automated backup added
  • - Backup manager improved
  • - Children are now sorted by birth date when exporting a website
  • - Stability improvements
11 Jan 2014
  • Sharing reports using OS X Share Sheets improved
  • Date reformatting issues fixed
  • Crash issue fixed using search in the to do or sources edit section
  • Problem adding associated persons fixed
  • Problem displaying reports on OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 fixed
19 Nov 2013
  • Custom background images for several website themes
  • Choose from different fonts in many website themes
  • Browser compatibility improved when exporting websites
  • FTP upload speed greatly improved
  • FTP login credentials are now stored in the OS X keychain
  • New options for global search & replace added
  • French manual added
  • Added search field to the FamilySearch results pane
  • Added option to assign labels and bookmarks directly from the FamilySearch results pane
  • Password reset added to account management
  • Person Report options now displayed correctly on smaller displays
  • Hungarian localization fixed
  • Suppressing automatic last name assignment now works correctly
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent media files to be added to a source
  • Several problems using undo and redo fixed while using the edit mode
02 Nov 2013
  • New website themes added
  • Bugfixes exporting websites
  • Localization issues fixed in german, swedish and french
22 Oct 2013
  • Completely new Web Site Export
  • Configureable Themes
  • Live preview
  • Direct FTP upload (secure connections supported)
  • Includes Videos, PDFs and Audio Media
  • Improved user interface
  • Free upload to our web service
  • Statistics Map (using Apples new Maps, requires OS X 10.9 Mavericks)
  • See where your ancestors lived the longest or married earliest
  • Play slideshows of your ancestors living places across the globe
  • Detailed physical or satellite maps
  • Chart Backdrops
  • Add background images for all charts
  • Includes 50+ backdrop images
  • Import your own images as backdrops
  • Improved FamilySearch integration
  • Revamped FamilySearch user interface
  • FamilySearch Discussions added
  • FamilySearch change history is now available directly from MacFamilyTree
  • Improved FamilySearch integration in the Interactive Tree
  • Private Information
  • Mark Persons, Events, Families or Sources as private
  • Exclude private information from charts, reports and GEDCOM export
  • User Interface
  • Refined user interface
  • Improved navigation
  • Entries count is displayed above each list in the edit mode
  • Sections added to family list
  • Sections added to places list
  • Associated To Do items are now displayed directly for each person, family, event or source.
  • Other
  • Optimized for Mavericks AppNap
  • Faster database opening
  • Better To Do management including larger To Do browser
  • PDFs are included in Person Report
  • Improved Interactive Tree including changed coloring for better readability
  • Better Date Parsing and Date Reformatting
  • Improved GEDCOM Import and Export
12 Oct 2013
  • Crash issue when editing families or persons fixed
  • FamilySearch issue fixed handling burial events
  • Date parsing improved
06 Oct 2013
  • Downloading marriage events from FamilySearch fixed
  • Hourglass chart now displays correct kinships with grandchildren-in-law
  • Error interpreting multiple spouses on FamilySearch fixed
28 Sep 2013
  • FamilySearch issue fixed regarding gender information
  • Sorting in the person merge sheet works correctly now
  • Hang fixed that could occur in the person edit section
  • Rare crash fixed when using FamilySearch
21 Sep 2013
    11 Sep 2013
    • Notes are selected in the correct order when using the Tab key
    • Crash issue corrected when using @ character in person names
    • Selecting existing places improved
    • Hungarian localization improved
    • Performance improvements in the edit mode
    28 Aug 2013
    • Error uploading information to FamilySearch corrected
    • Crash bug fixed using Web Research
    • Norwegian and Czech localization improved
    • Smaller other bug fixes
    26 Aug 2013
    • Adding references to sources improved
    • Person merge fixed
    • Critical issue fixed that could prevent saving a database
    • FamilySearch integration stability issues fixed
    • Issue entering sources fixed
    • Czech and Finnish translation improved
    07 Aug 2013
    • Performance of the edit sections improved
    • Sources are now handled correctly when exporting a partial family tree
    • Sources are now sorted correctly in the edit source section
    • FamilySearch matching improved
    • Several crash issues fixed when working with FamilySearch
    • Polish, Danish and Spanish localization improved
    • Improved user guide
    28 Jul 2013
    • Performance of reports increased
    • Increased performance when editing sources
    • More web research databases added
    • Date formatting improved
    • Polish translation added
    • Kinship report improved for multiple marriages
    • Several other fixes
    13 Jul 2013
    • Fixed the To Do wizard to not create duplicate To Do's
    • Many bug fixes for the Timeline chart
    • Person Report improved to include persons age
    • Portuguese User Guide added
    • Several localization improvements
    01 Jul 2013
    • Merging places improved
    • New name formatting options added
    • Fixed entering LDS temple events for families
    • Importing pictures from iPhoto and Aperture fixed
    • Localizations improved
    • Stability improvements
    29 Jun 2013
    • Importing and exporting GEDCOM files improved
    • Localization improvements
    • Fixed crash when adding notes to events
    • Sorting events by date fixed when viewing places
    • Login issues to FamilySearch fixed
    • Performance enhancements for larger databases
    • Other stability improvements
    20 Jun 2013
    • Placeholders in the additional name edit section can now be configured
    • Several stability improvements, especially when using FamilySearch
    • Norwegian translation improved
    • Chart options improved for smaller displays
    • Bug opening the integrated User Guide fixed
    • GEDCOM media export fixed
    • Issue fixed that could prevent saving an open database
    • Support added for LDS status and temple information
    • URL fields for media fixed
    • Many other smaller fixes
    11 Jun 2013
    • Norwegian localization fixed
    • French localization fixed
    • Swedish localization fixed
    • Alignment fixed in the Notes and Sources sections
    • Fixes for the Plausibility Report
    • FamilySearch login issues fixed
    • Family Quiz localization issues fixed
    • Name Distribution Chart saving issue fixed
    • Several stability improvements
    28 May 2013
    • New User Interface
    • iCloud support
    • Rewritten FamilySearch integration
    • New Edit Mode
    • New Virtual Globe
    • New Virtual Tree
    • New Name Distribution Chart
    • New Plausibility Report
    • Support for Associated Persons
    • GEDCOM Import and Export vastly improved
    • Improved Source editing
    • Source Repositories
    • New Backup Manager
    • Countless bug fixes and smaller improvements