Current Version: 3.3.19

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The demo version is fully functional, but saving, exporting and printing is disabled.

In order to uninstall the demo version, simply drag it to the trash.
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Version 3.3.19
iFinance requires a Mac with OS X 10.5 Leopard or later.
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Conclusive Charts

iFinance offers comprehensive options for visualizing your data. Interactive three-dimensional diagrams give you an overview of your total funds' progression, which accounts are in the black and which ones might contain liabilities to be paid. Include categories and get a better feel for which expenses burden your monthly budget the most - rent, food, insurances or the installments for your new car. On the other hand, iFinance will show you when rental revenues are missing or your monthly interest payments are absent. If you prefer printouts, simply switch the diagram to printable mode.

Intelligent budgets

Set limits to your monthly spendings - either an overall amount or very specific budgets for eating in restaurants, for candy or cigarettes. iFinance assigns spendings to the appropriate budget and warns you as soon as you come close to your bounds. Don't be unpleasantly surprised by an empty account at the end of the month anymore. And be better prepared to answer the question: "can I afford this pair of shoes and the DVD this month?".

Comprehensive search feature

Could you please look up quickly how much you paid for that flatscreen TV four years ago? And will you find the receipt while you're at it? If you need to leave your chair now to dig deep in folders or - even worse - in cardboard archiving boxes, iFinance's search feature might be exactly what you need. Maybe your landlord tells you he'd really appreciate you reinstating the recurring bank transfer for your rent. And you are absolutely sure you didn't cancel. Well, the bank statements you imported into iFinance will help tremendously clearing up that situation.

Better overview thanks to reports

What Charts offer in graphical analysis, Reports give you in sheer numbers. Income and Expenses, Profits and Losses - iFinance even compiles the Top 10 assigned categories, tags, beneficiaries or payers. Weeks, months, quarters and years are easily aggregated, highest and lowest amounts can be marked. The new Relevant Transactions list gives you a detailed overview of all transactions that went into that report.