The iCloud sync does not work correctly. What can I do?

Apples iCloud service is usually stable, fast and reliable. However, there might be some problems from time to time which prevent MacFamilyTree or MobileFamilyTree from syncing your family tree correctly. Here is what you can do in case iCloud is misbehaving. Please check these few steps:

Check the compatibility of your devices and the required iCloud versions

With the release of OS X 10.10 Yosemite and iOS 8 Apple introduced iCloud Drive. iCloud Drive is not available for previous iOS and Mac OS X versions. The previous iCloud is not supported on OS X 10.10. This means OS X 10.10 can only be synced with iOS 8 iDevices (and with OS X 10.10) iOS 8 can only be synced with previous Mac OS X and iOS version, if iCloud Drive has not yet been activated. If iCloud Drive has been activated, the previous iCloud can no longer be used at all. This applies to older operating system versions as well!

Check you iCloud account configuration

In order to check if your iCloud account is configured correctly for syncing files, please open your system preferences and the iCloud pane. Check if you are logged in. In iCloud Drive (available on Mac OS X 10.10 and iOS 8 or newer) the document options can be found at “iCloud Drive” -> “Options”. If you are still using operating system versions before Mac OS X 10.9 or iOS 7, the option “Documents & Data” has to be activated, otherwise applications cannot store documents in iCloud.

Check, if the database is already uploaded to iCloud

Open MacFamilyTree and click on the iCloud icon above the main view pane. If the database has already been uploaded, there will be a “Remove from iCloud” option available. Databases that have already been moved to iCloud are also marked by a little iCloud icon in the start window of MacFamilyTree. In MobileFamilyTree this options is available from the left sidebar under: “Export” -> “iCloud Or by tapping and holding the database icon on the start screen. If your database is uploading to iCloud on device A and you open MacFamilyTree on device B attached to the same iCloud account, the database is available for download on device B, even if the upload on device A has not yet been completed. If you stop the upload on device A, or abort the online connection, the sync will not work. Please make sure the upload of the database to iCloud is completed.

What can I do, if none of the steps above does solve the problem

  • Create a backup of your database in MacFamilyTree via “File” -> “Create Backup Now”or in MobileFamilyTree by exporting the file as a GEDCOM file via “Export” -> “GEDCOM Export”;
  • Open the system preferences of the respective devices and Disable iCloud/iCloud Drive. This will remove the database from your local device.
  • Completely reboot the devices
  • Reenable iCloud/iCloud Drive on all devices, download the database from iCloud again and try if the sync works now
  • Have you or tools like Little Snitch which might block any required iCloud network connections? If so, please try to deactivate your firewall or Little Snitch for a test. If it is working afterwards, make sure that the iCloud system daemon (called UBD) is not blocked.
  • It’s not working, no matter what you are trying? In this case please contact us by filing a support request. Our support team will assist you and give you more advice how to resolve this issue. Please also disable all security apps like Little Snitch or BitDefender! More general information is available in the User Guide. You can find it in MacFamilyTree’s Help Menu or for download