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Frequently asked questions about iFinance 4

Can I use iFinance 3 Databases in iFinance 4?
Yes, iFinance 4 can import your databases from iFinance 3. The original iFinance 3 databases remain untouched and you can continue to use it in iFinance 3.
How can I sync my iFinance data with my mobile devices?
Databases can be synced via iCloud or WiFi. To use iCloud, you have to encrypt your database with a password. To use WiFi sync, please access the database section on the bottom right.
What kind of online banking is supported by iFinance 4?
iFinance 4 offers basic OFX direct connect functionality (retrieval of balances and transactions). Support of this feature depends on your bank. Please download the demo version to find out, if your bank is supported. For questions and feedback write our support ( The german HBCI/FinTS standard is also supported. (Attention: There are only very few banks outside Germany that support HBIC/FinTS.)
Can I encrypt my financial data?
Yes, if you specifiy a password during setup, your data is always encrypted, even when using iCloud.
Is there telephone support?
We do not offer telephone support since we are convinced that we can help you way better by sending screenshots or written instructions you can read again if necessary. Especially when it comes to very specific questions or technical issues, our support team has to consult the application’s developer. As you can imagine, our developers are not always available for answering questions like these. As soon as our support staff has the information you require, they will contact you instantly by email.

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