Current Version: 4.1.7

Version History

The demo version is fully functional except WiFI and iCloud sync.

In order to uninstall the demo version, simply drag it to the trash.
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Version 4.1.7
iFinance 4 for Mac is exclusively available at the Mac App Store.

A Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite is required to use iFinance 4. macOS 10.12 Sierra is fully supported
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iFinance Version History

13 Dec 2016
  • Improved: When importing CSV files, you can import columns as a “subcategory" (requires another column to be imported as “category")
  • Importing iFinance Category Files with categories having images works again
  • Fixed a crash when closing a database in fullscreen mode
  • several other improvements and bug fixes
28 Nov 2016
  • Fixed a crash on Macs with connected Touch Bar (only Mac)
  • Other bug fixes
21 Nov 2016
  • Improvements and bug fixes
03 Nov 2016
  • New: Added option to restore the “Last View” when opening a database
  • Improved: Backup list in the preference pane is now sorted by database name
  • Fixed: Import of iFinance 3 databases will import tags of budgets correctly
  • Fixed: Charts on iOS 10 where sometimes displayed just black and white
  • Fixed: Scanning Giro and Payment Codes should work again
  • Fixed problem with displaying accounts in the Notification Center
  • Several more improvements and bug fixes
06 Oct 2016
  • Improvement: Made sure that databases synchronized via iCloud are only opened if all data has been downloaded
  • New: The database manager now also allows you to disconnect databases from iCloud
  • Fixed issues with iCloud sync
  • Improved import of iFinance 3 databases
  • Fixed issue computing French RIB numbers
  • Added country Namibia and currency Namibian Dollar
  • Fixed some display issues of quick selection menus (iOS)
  • More improvements and bugfixes
08 Sep 2016
  • New: Option to delete a sync backup after a successful synchronization
  • New: Budgets now show a total sum
  • Improved keyboard workflow (Mac)
  • New Currency: Barbadian dollar
  • Added new country: Barbados
  • More improvements and bugfixes
03 Sep 2016
  • "Bank Hompage" button now available on iPhones
  • Fixed crash that could occur in Portuguese language
  • Fixed optical glitch in account list after deleting certain elements
  • Saved PINs and passwords will now be migrated from older versions
  • More improvements and bugfixes
31 Aug 2016
  • New: Added VoiceOver Support
  • New: iFinance Watch App now runs natively on watchOS 2 (iOS)
  • New: Added automatic backups
  • New: Track expenses quickly from the database manager, Notification Center or via Force Touch on App Icon (iOS)
  • New: Added new settings for the overview section
  • New: Categories can be added automatically when entering transaction titles
  • New: Added list of corresponding transaction for Categories and Contacts (including search and export features as well as date based filters)
  • New: Added navigation mode using back/forward arrows (Mac, iPad and iPhone Plus in landscape format)
  • New: Added new navigation mode similar to iPhone when the database window gets too small (Mac and iPad)
  • New: Added Split Screen support for compatible iPads (iOS)
  • New: Added support for new iPad Pro screen resolution (iOS)
  • New: All transaction lists that show corresponding transactions of budgets, contacts, categories, charts and reports can be exported as CSV files
  • New: Added CSV export for the transaction list (new for iOS)
  • New: Added options for exporting CSV files (e.g. choose encoding)
  • New: Added PDF export of the transaction list for iOS
  • New: Added PDF export for transaction lists that show corresponding transactions of budgets, contacts, categories, charts and reports can be (iOS)
  • New: Added PDF export charts and reports
  • New: Categories can now be exported to use them in other iFinance 4 databases
  • New: All transaction lists that show corresponding transactions of budgets, contacts, categories, charts and reports can be printed
  • New: Added print preview for iOS
  • New: Added optional display of total funds
  • New: Added parallel database migration to upgrade several databases at once
  • New: Categories can be searched and sorted
  • New: Contacts can now be sorted
  • New: Helper UI for editing contacts of transactions is now also available on iOS (pen icon)
  • New: Added autocompletion feature for transaction tags (when editing them in the transaction inspector)
  • New: Display of contact names can now be configured
  • New: “Open in” feature for export on iOS
  • New: Group rows in the transaction list can be disabled (Mac only)
  • New App Icon (Mac and iOS)
  • Added new date based filter options (manual, last 7/14/30/60/90 days)
  • Added menu item to enable fullscreen view (Mac only)
  • Improved tags display
  • Added "Tags" column for the column-based transaction list (Mac only)
  • Account folders can now be included in multi selection (Mac only)
  • Several speed improvements
  • Transaction list on iPhone now shows the name of the selected account
  • Added export of database archives using the database manager on iOS
  • Several User Interface modernizations
  • New Currencies: Sierra Leonean Leone, Zambian Kwacha, Malawi-Kwacha, Laotion Kip, Nepalesian Rupie
  • Added new countries: Sierra Leone, Zambia, Malawi, Laos, Nepal, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore
  • Improved navigation on iPhone
  • Improved print view
  • Many more improvements and bugfixes
18 Feb 2016
  • Show or hide the transaction inspector (Mac)
  • several improvements and bugfixes
04 Jan 2016
  • iFinance for iOS can now import iFinance 3 archives (iOS)
  • Added french manual
  • Added autocompletion for transaction comments
  • Added several keyboard shortcuts for easier transaction editing
  • Print templates can now be exported as files (Mac)
  • Print template files can now be imported
  • several improvements and bugfixes
19 Nov 2015
  • New: You may refresh exchange rates manually (Mac)
  • New: Budgets can be duplicated
  • New Currency: Botswana pula
  • Several speed optimizations
  • Several improvements and bugfixes
02 Nov 2015
  • Improvements and bugfixes
25 Oct 2015
  • New: Transaction titles now have autocompletion
  • New: More category icons added
  • New: Added an option to specify if transfers between accounts should automatically change when one of their transactions is edited
  • New: Column based transaction list has a new column showing the account balance for each transaction (Mac)
  • New: iFinance 3 databases from the Mac version can be imported in iFinance Mobile (iOS)
  • New: iFinance 4 archives can be imported on iOS
  • New: Improved date picker keyboard (iOS)
  • Improved: Amount keyboard size increased (iOS)
  • Solved a problem that sometimes prevented printing of the transaction list
  • Split transactions shown in reports that have no payee assigned will inherit the payee from their main transaction
  • Solved various issues with comdirect bank
  • Improvements to WiFi and iCloud sync, as well as to CSV and QIF importers
  • many more improvements and bugfixes
28 Sep 2015
  • New option to always create new transaction with the current date
  • Improved import of CSV, QIF, OFX and MT940 files
  • Improved import of iFinance 3 databases with linkes media files (Mac)
  • Payees of split transactions are now shown correctly (Mac)
  • Fixed error that sometimes prevented changing the password for certain databases
  • Searching for split transactions now works correctly
  • Fixed error that prevented opening the manual (iOS)
  • Fixed error that sometimes prevented saving manually created transactions on the Apple Watch (iOS)
  • more improvements and bugfixes
06 Sep 2015
  • Re-engineered from scratch for Mac and iOS
  • Manage multiple databases
  • Fully encrypted databases
  • Online banking via HBCI (for banks offering HBCI)
  • New user interface
  • Retina support
  • Same scope of features for iOS and Mac (as far as technically possible)
  • Touch ID (iOS only) to open encrypted databases
  • Possibility to manually create and edit all transactions for each account
  • Support for local recurring transfers and transactions
  • Support for split transactions and transfers
  • Support for different currencies (Accounts, Analyses, Funds)

  • Organize accounts in folders
  • Use color markings or images
  • Different currencies for each account possible

  • Support for subcategories
  • Use different colors and icons or assign images
  • Automatic assignment of categories

    Transaction list
  • Time period filter
  • Search and sort settings
  • Edit several transactions at once using multi selection
  • Flag transactions
  • Use comments and tags
  • Assign categories per transaction or split transaction
  • Check numbers
  • Support for reconciling
  • Printing
  • Print checks and remittance slips

  • Retrieve stock quotes online (Yahoo) or manage them manually
  • Manage your stock buys and sells

  • Create configurable budgets
  • Realtime computation

  • Assign one or more bank connections per contact
  • Assign contacts to transaction to improve your analyses
  • Import your contacts from your iOS or OS X contacts app

    OFX direct
  • Encrypted communication with your bank
  • Easy setup via assistant tool
  • Retrieve account balances and transactions

  • Highly customizable charts and reports

    Overview section
  • Account balance over the last days
  • New transactions
  • Top expense categories

    Data import
  • CSV files
  • QIF files
  • OFX files
  • iFinance 3 Categorie files
  • iFinance 3 Databases

    Data export
  • CSV

  • iCloud
  • WiFi

    Extension for the OS X Notification Center
  • View your accounts in the Notification Center