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The demo version of FiveActs is fully functional except for saving and printing.

In order to uninstall the demo version, simply drag it to the trash.
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Version 1.5.4
FiveActs requires a Mac running macOS 10.15 Catalina, macOS 11 Big Sur, macOS 12 Monterey, macOS 13 Ventura or macOS 14 Sonoma. Fully optimised for the new M1-, M2- and M3-based Macs.
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Brainstorming and gathering ideas

FiveActs comes with innovative features and powerful tools to help you gather ideas and compose an initial draft. Use FiveActs' Idea Cards to turn scattered ideas into a storyline. Arrange your Idea Cards loosely or around a timeline – managing your ideas and writing stories has never been easier! Brainstorm ideas, note them on cards, and use your cards to compose your storyline and define where each scene of the story will be set and which characters will be involved.

Characters & Locations

As it's impossible to memorize all the details for each character and location, FiveActs offers useful tools to help you keep track of everything. Each time a new character appears in your story, FiveActs will automatically create an entry for this character, while also allowing you to add characters manually. The same applies to locations: Enter and save names, descriptions, and further details, or add images to help you elaborate all the important elements of your script. FiveActs will compile all relevant details into character and location profiles. This includes information on when and where each character or location occurs in the storyline, and whether or not they appear in any idea maps or sociograms.

Use Sociograms to track your character's relationships

Is James in a fight with Paul only, or does the conflict involve Peter as well? Who did Maggy use to be in unrequited love with, because the person she was in love with didn't love her but Paula? FiveActs' Sociograms are a powerful tool to help you illustrate and visualize complex relationships. Sociograms help you structure your stories by neatly visualizing the emotions and shared experiences between your characters. To create an overview of all details that are relevant for interactions between your characters, you can add the respective characters to a Sociogram and use arrows and color codes to visualize their relationships.

Export & Compatibility

Once your script is finished, you'll likely want to share it. FiveActs supports all common standards, allowing you to print and import/export your script from or into other applications. FiveActs is fully compatible with Fountain documents and also lets you import and export FinalDraft documents. The revision management feature lets you track changes in your screenplay, so if you add changes once you've shared your script with the actors, you'll only have to re-print those pages containing changes.