Current Version: 1.5.4

Version History

The demo version of FiveActs is fully functional except for saving and printing.

In order to uninstall the demo version, simply drag it to the trash.
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Version 1.5.4
FiveActs requires a Mac running macOS 10.15 Catalina, macOS 11 Big Sur, macOS 12 Monterey, macOS 13 Ventura or macOS 14 Sonoma. Fully optimised for the new M1-, M2- and M3-based Macs.
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FiveActs Version History

11 Apr 2022
  • Cards can be arranged automatically as “trees”
  • Word Count Dialog
  • Minor bug fixes
17 Mar 2022
  • Minor bug fixes
15 Mar 2022
  • Existing paragraph styles can be modified
  • Inspector pane can be resized vertically (for high resolutions)
  • Background and main font color can be changed to reduce contrast
  • Small bug fixes
22 Jan 2022
  • Fixed an issue causing strange messages to appear when resizing windows
17 Jan 2022
  • With FiveActs 1.5 we make the most frequent wish of our users come true: For the first time it is also possible to write novels, books and other prose stories!
15 Jun 2021
  • Editing multiple character names in the Character List now works as expected
  • Reports are now displayed without first showing a blank page
  • Empty character names not allowed
  • Sorting Media in the Organize tab now works as expected
  • When printing a Sociogram, the background color of Characters is now displayed correctly
  • Performance improvements when using the built-in Spell-Checker
25 May 2021
  • Initial Release