Chronories does not work on macOS Sierra. How can I access my data?

Why Chronories will not run on macOS Sierra 10.12:

In 2007 Apple introduced a new memory management technology called “Garbage Collection“. Although heavily promoted, this technology was later declared as deprecated and will no longer be supported in macOS 10.12 Sierra. Consequences for apps using Garbage Collection are severe: They cannot be launched anymore. As Chronories uses this technology it also will not run on macOS Sierra. While a lot of Mac apps are affected, the Synium portfolio fortunately contains just two apps that will not run on macOS Sierra, namely Chronories and iFinance 3.

What can i do to archive my diary?

We have created a tool which exports your data to a universally readable format. The tool will export most data stored in Chronories and save it as a text file. The text file contains links to all the images, emails and pictures so you can quickly reveal them by clicking on the link.

I want to continue using Chronories, what can I do?

Unfortunately the only way is not to update to macOS Sierra 10.12.