Current Version: 10.2.1

Version History

The demo version of MacFamilyTree 10 is fully functional except for saving, printing and CloudTree sync.
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Version 10.2.1
MacFamilyTree 10 is exclusively available at the Mac App Store.

macOS 10.15 Catalina, macOS 11 Big Sur, macOS 12 Monterey or macOS 13 Ventura is required to use MacFamilyTree 10. Fully optimized for M1- and M2-based Macs.
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MacFamilyTree 10 Version History

25 Sep 2023
  • Compatibility with macOS Sonoma
27 Mar 2023
  • Interactive Tree – greatly enhanced
  • The Interactive Tree now supports four different orientations (top to bottom, left to right, etc.)
  • Plethora of new configuration options like different colors, shadows and margins added. The new Interactive Tree is more configurable than ever in order to suite your needs
  • In addition to birthdates, the new Interactive Tree can display the generation number on Generation Bands
  • Lines, Generation Bands or the background can be configured with custom colors
  • Integration of data from FamilySearch has been vastly improved and now displays complex relationships much better
  • Much improved and easier to understand settings
  • Separate branches can now be shown with larger margins to improve clarity
  • The entire alignment of the Interactive Tree has been vastly improved
  • Better alignment of connections between parents and children
  • Completely new: Flat Interactive Tree
  • In addition to the 3D Interactive Tree, a completely new, flat Interactive Tree is now available offering a more traditional visual style
  • Seamlessly switch between the 3D and the flat Interactive Tree – the root person and the selected person are preserved when switching
  • Completely configurable: Every aspect, like colors, margins, generation bands and so on, can be adapted to your liking
  • The flat Interactive Tree optionally displays all person events for a person
  • Vastly improved: 3D Interactive Tree
  • Many new options for Generation Bands added: New pedestal and stair modes added, as well as many new coloring options
  • When using pedestal or stair Generation Bands, non-blood relationships may optionally be displayed at a lower height
  • Different patterns and colors added for the ground below the 3D Interactive Tree
  • Greatly enhanced performance – especially on older hardware, the number of frames per seconds is much higher than previously
  • Face Detection
  • Faces in your pictures are now be automatically detected using Machine Learning. This automatically happens in the background
  • This happens locally on your device – your pictures won't be sent anywhere
  • When browsing charts, reports or while editing your data, pictures with detected faces will optionally be cropped accordingly
  • You can deactivate the automatic face detection in the preferences
  • CloudTreeWeb
  • The web interface to CloudTree is now better integrated into the app
  • Using the edit mode, you can now copy or open direct links to CloudTreeWeb – this way, you can send your relatives direct links to persons, families or sources on CloudTreeWeb in order to add valuable information
  • A guide has been added on how to work together with Windows or Android users
  • General
  • Greatly enhanced performance throughout the app
  • Touch Bar support improved in MacFamilyTree
  • The maximum recursion depth may be specified when displaying charts
  • Many setting dialogs have been reworked and enhanced for better clarity
18 Jan 2023
  • CloudTree: Several stability improvements
  • Configured name schema is now correctly displayed in the edit families section
  • Downloading media from FamilySearch improved
  • Virtual Tree may now be moved using a pan gesture on the trackpad
  • Localization improvements
21 Nov 2022
  • New Smart Filter added to filter persons by the count of person events
  • Issue renaming family tree files corrected
  • Issue merging family trees with sources corrected
  • Localization enhancements
08 Nov 2022
  • Stories
  • Create stories about events and people in your family tree
  • Stories can be read directly with text-to-speech
  • A new report type displays recorded stories clearly and printable
  • Stories are divided into individual sections, to which you can also add media such as images, PDFs, sound or videos
  • Assign entries such as events or persons from your family tree to your stories, which appear in the stories
  • See world-historic events, which happened in the period of your story
  • User Interface
  • If you prefer a less colorful user interface, a gray or blue color scheme for icons can now be selected via the preference setting
  • World history events are now also accessible from the person and family event views
  • It is now possible to call the linked person or family from the person or family event view
  • The relationship diagram can now be opened directly from the person or family view to show the relationship to the starting person
  • Speed optimizations
  • CloudTree
  • "Public Links": Optionally create links that allow other MacFamilyTree or MobileFamilyTree users to join your tree directly. It is no longer mandatory to specify recipients' mail addresses in advance.
  • The management of participants on CloudTree has been significantly improved
  • If you have received an invitation link, you can now enter it directly into MacFamilyTree or MobileFamilyTree, in case there were problems with joining
  • Change Dates of Entries
  • The handling of change dates has been completely revised: For example, the person's change date is also updated when an event of the person has been changed
  • Change dates are now reliably matched via CloudTree
  • Sources
  • New citation options introduced when quoting sources: Single and double quotation marks as well as colon and semicolon
  • GEDCOM support
  • Some improvements in importing GEDCOM 7 files
  • Unknown tags in GEDCOM files are now better recognized and processed
  • Charts
  • Speed of diagrams increased significantly: Most diagrams are now displayed between 5 and 40 percent faster, depending on the file size.
05 May 2022
  • Source citations are now ordered correctly in reports
  • Merging families now works as expected
  • Improved merging of event types
  • Sorting families bei marriage date now works as expected
  • Fixed an error uploading places with spaces in their names to FamilySearch
  • Configuration of source citations is now correctly exported to GEDCOM files
  • Localization improvements
11 Apr 2022
  • Virtual Tree: Compatibility with various GPUs improved
  • Sources list report: Sorting by reference number fixed
  • Option added to filter todo's by label
  • Ancestor chart now displays correct kinship relationships
  • Ascending/descending sorting option added to the changes list report
  • Relationship types (adopted, biological) are now evaluated correctly in the statistics chart
  • Parents, partners and children now display birth and death date when shown in the edit section
25 Mar 2022
  • Events entered after the death of a person no longer display the persons age
  • Searching ToDo lists improved
  • The Timeline report now correctly displays world history events
  • Selecting associated persons improved
  • Sorting of person and family events improved
  • Importing GEDCOM files with invalid UTF characters now works correctly
10 Mar 2022
  • Connection line width may now be adjusted in the Interactive Tree
  • Improved display of persons from FamilySearch in the Interactive Tree
  • Same-sex relations are now displayed correctly when editing families
  • Display issue of the Virtual Tree on Macs equipped with an Nvidia graphics card fixed
  • Dialog while adding media now fits on smaller screens
  • Memory management when using FamilySearch improved
  • Labels for events are now displayed while editing places
  • Labels are also displayed in the source list when editing persons or families
  • Issues adding persons to person groups fixed
  • Issues exporting reports as text files fixed
28 Feb 2022
  • Copy & paste for source citations added
  • Labels are now displayed on person boxes in the edit mode
  • The sidebar can now be hidden when displaying the Virtual Tree
  • Person Report now displays additional names correctly
  • Sorting of person and family events improved
  • Stability improvements
  • Localization updates
24 Feb 2022
  • Improved sorting of partners in the person report
  • Performance of the event list report improved if many events are present
  • Issues in the Tree Chart fixed
  • Improved reliability of CloudTree sync
  • Localizations improved
22 Feb 2022
  • Corrected error message from CloudTree at first start
  • CSV Export of Reports improved
  • Distribution Chart now displays Illness and Occupation correctly
  • Performance editing charts improved
21 Jan 2022
  • New: Edit Section
  • Completely new edit section – redeveloped from scratch for macOS and iOS
  • MacFamilyTree and MobileFamilyTree now come with the exact same feature set in the edit section
  • Automatically adjusts to small and large screen to make the best use of the available screen estate – from an iPhone screen to a large 4K screen
  • Edit most information directly in lists: A click on a list expands a specific row and reveals a form to enter data
  • Completely configureable: Specify what forms should be present when editing a specific entry and where they should appear
  • Separate edit and display mode: In display mode, only forms with information present will be displayed. In edit mode, all forms are shown (you may specify in the preferences what mode will be used as default)
  • Use speech recognition to fill in long texts
  • Customizable additional name types: When entering further names (for example, the stage name of a person) you may now add your own, custom types of additional names
  • Improved auto-complete: When entering data in forms, automatically see a list of suggestions of previously entered data from other entries
  • When adding media like pictures and videos, you may now specify a recording date
  • Reference numbers can now be viewed and edited directly for each entry
  • Child-Parent-Relations: Much easier to specify if children are adopted by which parent
  • Much easier to specify Sources of person and family events and facts
  • Mark persons as dead, even if no further information is available (like a date or place of death)
  • Bookmarks for places for often use place names
  • You may now specify a time of an event in addition to the date
  • Vastly enhanced to do management: Add media (pictures, PDFs, websites, audio or video) to to do’s as well as notes
  • Edit places with either a vertical or horizontal layout
  • Copy person events: Simply copy an event from one person to another – useful for events like the place of residence when persons moved to a new living place together
  • Media of events and facts are now displayed as thumbnails in the event and fact lists
  • All questions if a certain entry should be deleted may now be suppressed
  • New & Improved: User Interface
  • Redesigned function selection list in the sidebar
  • Assign unique colors for genders and function categories for dark and light appearance
  • Specify the appearance (dark/light) separately from the macOS appearance
  • Improved: Interactive Tree
  • Greatly enhanced appearance: New person symbols, new generation sections and connections
  • Vastly improved performance, especially on M1-based Macs
  • Improved editing of persons and families – all forms present in the edit section are now present in the Interactive Tree as well
  • Parent-Child-Relations (for example, for adopted children) may now be edited directly in the Interactive Tree
  • Customizable font size for forms in the Interactive Tree
  • New camera orientations added
  • New lighting modes added
  • Improved display of numbering systems in the Interactive Tree
  • New: Virtual Tree
  • Vastly improved appearance
  • Simulates depth of field for impressive visuals
  • Greatly enhanced alignment of persons in the Virtual Tree – even for elaborate family trees
  • Faster performance: Most of the family trees will be displayed instantaneously without delay
  • Relationship paths: Display, how two persons are related directly in the Virtual Tree – like in the the Relationship Chart
  • Completely rewritten from scratch – now based on Apple Metal for increased performance and efficiency
  • New: Numbering Systems
  • Henry, D’Aboville and Kekulé/Sosa numbering systems are now supported
  • Correctly handles complex relationships, like incest relationships
  • Automatically updates the assigned numbers for the current numbering system if new persons or relationships are added – and the specified numbering system is now saved in the family tree
  • Improved user interface to specify what numbering system should be used
  • New: Person Groups
  • Branches and specific parts of your family tree may now be separated using Person Groups
  • Option to only display members of specific person groups in charts – this way, you may only display a chart for a specific group of persons
  • Also, the Statistics Chart may be limited to specific person groups allowing only the evaluation of specific branches or set of persons
  • Person Groups consists of a description, media (like a family crest), to do’s and notes
  • The Interactive Tree as well as all charts may now show persons in the colors of their person group
  • New: Support for GEDCOM 7
  • Specify if a GEDCOM file should be exported using GEDCOM 5.5.1 or GEDCOM 7
  • On import, it is automatically detected if the file is a GEDCOM 5.5.1 or GEDCOM 7 file
  • Support for GEDZIP: Export and import GEDZIP files that contain a GEDCOM file as well as all media like pictures in a single file
  • Improved: Import from Address Book
  • Greatly improved selection of persons from the Address Book that should be imported
  • Imports person images, relationships and the place of residence
  • Simultaneously import multiple persons at once
  • New: Virtual Globe
  • Improved appearance
  • New timeline control: See when events took place and adjust the date range of what should be displayed on the Virtual Globe
  • Pictures of places are now displayed on the Virtual Globe
  • Augmented Reality: Walk around the Virtual Globe using AR – place it in front of you on a table or in your room
  • Completely redeveloped from line one – also based on Apple Metal for increased performance and efficiency
  • New: Sources
  • Completely new template system for sources
  • Large number of included source templates for all commonly used sources – but you may also add your own, custom source templates
  • Fully configureable source templates: Add your own or remove seldom used fields from source templates
  • Completely configurable source citations: Specify how source citations should be displayed in reports. Edit the used fonts, separators, order and brackets of each field in a source template
  • Record further informations: Add fields to a source even if the field is not part of the currently selected source template
  • Source repositories may now contain a complete postal address, web site address, phone number and email address
  • Unknown GEDCOM tags may now be added as new source template fields when importing a GEDCOM file
  • Duplicate source templates or source fields may be merged to avoid duplicates
  • Improved: Reports
  • The event list report may now be limited to a specific date range so only events from this date range will be displayed
  • Vastly improved source citations for all reports
  • Improved: Charts
  • Many new chart styles and templates added
  • Improved Double Ancestor Chart: Compact mode added for better space usage
  • New options for text colors in charts: By gender and by generation added
  • Performance enhanced when used in macOS Big Sur or macOS Monterey
  • Icons of custom person fact types are now displayed in all charts
  • New: Scan using the iPhone or iPad camera
  • Take pictures of photos or documents and import them into your family tree
  • Documents and photos will be automatically straightened and cropped
  • No scanner required – the camera of your iPhone and iPad is all you need
  • Also usable directly from your Mac: Using the special menu item, your iPhone and iPad camera may be used to scan documents and photos
  • Improved: Cloud Tree
  • Vastly improved performance allowing you to edit your family tree while syncing is in progress
  • Syncing will now be much faster than before while using considerably less processing power
  • Improved: Performance
  • Restructured family tree database resulting in greatly enhanced performance
  • Zooming in larger pictures is now much more responsive
  • Vastly improved performance when using FamilySearch – especially in larger family tree with many found results
  • Performance of media slideshows improved, now using the build-in fullscreen mode of macOS
  • Reports are now displayed using considerably less processing power, especially when a report includes many pictures
  • Improved performance when adding media from the photo library
  • Improved: Welcome Window
  • Sections: Local family trees, family trees on Cloud Tree and iCloud and family trees from previous versions are now displayed in separate sections
  • Other
  • Share media using share sheets with other persons
  • When scanning documents on a Mac, directly specify the title of the scanned document
  • When managing bookmarks, the search feature has been vastly improved
  • Greatly enhanced search & replace feature: To Do’s, media, person facts and person groups are now supported
  • Specifying the location of where to save your family trees on your hard drive has been improved
  • Configureable AirPlay mode: Select if the whole display should be shared on an AirPlay screen or if only the content of a report or chart should be shown on the big screen