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On the Mac, macOS 13 Ventura or macOS 14 Sonoma is required to use VectorAI as well as an M1-, M2- and M3-based Mac. On iPad or iPhone, iOS 17 is supported. Please note the detailed system requirements on this page.
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Just say what VectorAI should draw for you

Do you need high-quality vector graphics quickly, such as a muffin or cake for the party invitation, a stack of gifts and balloons for the children's birthday, or landscape images for the intro of your vacation film? Of course, you could create these yourself, for example, using Logoist 5 – or you can use the brand-new VectorAI and simply tell the app via text input how you want your graphic to look. Just provide a few terms, and VectorAI will take over the work as your very own personal graphic designer – thanks to Artificial Intelligence!

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VectorAI is the first and only "On-Device" vector graphic creator for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Download the desired vector styles (ClipArt, Minimalist Clipart, Scenes) directly from the app, and then the entire image creation takes place directly on the device. All data stays on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad and is processed exclusively locally – not transmitted to any external server.

After entering descriptions like "Snowman," "Bowl of Soup," or "Cute little dog," artificial intelligence generates a high-quality vector image within seconds. You can either save it directly or export it for further editing in a vector program.

Artwork created with VectorAI

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Bullet points

• Create resolution-independent vector graphics
• Choose from various styles
• Processing directly on the device; data does not go to external servers
• Export images in various vector and image formats (PDF, SVG, PNG, JPG)

VectorAI or Logoist 5?

If you already own Logoist 5, you don't need to additionally purchase the VectorAI app – the functionality is directly integrated into Logoist 5. However, if you are not a Logoist customer and plan to directly edit VectorAI graphics and create projects from them, we recommend purchasing Logoist instead of the standalone VectorAI app. Of course, you can also use any other vector app, but files created with VectorAI are particularly well optimized for Logoist.

System Requirements & Localizations

Please also note the system requirements; at a minimum, it must be one of the following devices: iPhone 12, iPad Air (4th Gen.), iPad (10th Gen.), iPad mini (6th Gen.), or iPad Pro (4th Gen. 11" or 5th Gen. 12.9"). Intel Macs cannot run VectorAI; instead, an M1, M2, or M3 is required.

VectorAI is available in 8 languages: