Current Version: 10.3.1

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The demo version of MacFamilyTree 10 is fully functional except for saving, printing and CloudTree sync.
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Version 10.3.1
MacFamilyTree 10 is exclusively available on the Mac App Store.

macOS 10.15 Catalina, macOS 11 Big Sur, macOS 12 Monterey, macOS 13 Ventura or macOS 14 Sonoma is required to use MacFamilyTree 10. Fully optimized for M1-, M2- and M3-based Macs.
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CloudTree Sync&Share: Research your tree together

Work with an unlimited number of persons and devices on the same family tree. All changes are synced within seconds so everything you enter is immediately available on every other device. The only thing required is MacFamilyTree 10 or MobileFamilyTree 10 on all participant’s Macs, iPhones or iPads. Although all entries are synced via CloudTree, all your information is still available locally on your Mac, iPhone or iPad, allowing you to continue your genealogical research when your device is offline. CloudTree will automatically sync any changes once you reconnect to the internet.

One Family Tree, multiple Devices, multiple Users

Invite other users to work on the same family tree with you. Any changes will be synchronized and available on other users' devices in a matter of seconds. Looking at the change history, you'll be able to quickly identify which changes were made by which user. If you prefer, you can make your family tree available as a read-only version instead. In version 10, CloudTree has been sped up tremendously, which you will notice especially while downloading your entries.

CloudTreeWeb: Collaborate on the Web

One of the most common questions in recent years has been: How can I have my family tree edited by people who don’t have a Mac, iPhone, or iPad? Today we allow you a very first look at a long-term vision, namely CloudTreeWeb. This is much more than just a website, CloudTreeWeb can make the edit section from MacFamilyTree or MobileFamilyTree available to family members or friends as a web version. What’s special about that, you might ask? This variant also offers collaboration in real time, with changes automatically synchronized on all devices in seconds.

You’ll need an Apple ID to sign in, because it will directly access your entries stored via CloudTree. Only invited users will be permitted access to your tree via CloudTreeWeb, and these users can edit entries or even add pictures and notes after accepting an invitation to your CloudTreeWeb. Please note: Since CloudTreeWeb is fed directly with your CloudTree data, page loading and editing are sometimes slower than they would be the case with conventional websites.
CloudTreeWeb complies with the same immensely high data protection guidelines as CloudTree: No one but you can see the data, unless you invite others. Even then, only you and the invited participants will have access. Neither we nor others have the ability to view your entries.

How to use CloudTreeWeb: Log in to with your Apple ID - or invite participants to CloudTree from within MacFamilyTree or MobileFamilyTree. They can either open your tree in MacFamilyTree/MobileFamilyTree or on the web. To anticipate the question: CloudTreeWeb will never replace our native apps, instead it serves as a supplement for users who are not on the Apple platform.

Only you decide what happens to your data

Apple is known for its high data protection standards. MacFamilyTree's CloudTree Sync feature operates under the same strict standards since it relies on Apple’s iCloud infrastructure. Access to your family tree is restricted to yourself, and only you decide who gets to see your data. Other people will only be able to view your family tree if you've sent them an invitation.

FamilySearch: Search for your Ancestors

FamilySearch is the world's largest online collection of genealogical data. It offers more than six billion person entries, which you can browse in MacFamilyTree 10 - from the comfort of your home and free of charge. FamilySearch does more than just provide a huge database filled with personal and family data, you can also browse original documents and take a look at, for example, old monastery log books, shipping registers, court data, birth records, or census data. All features are integrated into MacFamilyTree. For example, the Interactive Tree immediately shows which additional relatives are still available for download via FamilySearch.

FamilySearch: Search for your Ancestors
You can use FamilySearch in two ways:

Option number one: Use FamilySearch as a pure research tool and download data. In this case, none of your family tree information will be shared.

Option number two: Optionally upload information to FamilySearch and share your research with other users. For data protection reasons, however, you can only share data relating to deceased persons.

FamilySearch is completely free of charge. A free registration is all you need to get started. Please note that FamilySearch is not operated by us, it is an external service, provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Family Books – The perfect Gift

Choose from numerous templates and styles and let MacFamilyTree create a book based on the information contained in your database. Books can be printed or exported as PDFs. You can choose between ready-made books automatically filled with family and person data, or create your own books, with each page designed individually to your liking.. Family books are an ideal present for weddings, birthdays, and other occasions. Simply send the exported file to your trusted print shop to create a unique and special gift.

Turn your Family Tree into a Website

Select one of the numerous templates, click "Upload" and presto, you've published your family tree as a website including pictures, charts, statistics, and further information. You can optionally have MacFamilyTree upload the generated files directly to an FTP server without having to use an FTP application. Secure connections are, of course, also supported.

The web export feature offers numerous options - for example, you can exclude data pertaining to living persons or data marked as private from the export. You also get to decide which media, if any, will be exported. Optionally, you can upload your family tree to, a service we provide free of charge alongside and with optional password protection so that only those with your express permission can view and access your research.


GEDCOM (GEnealogical Data COMmunication) is a universal exchange format for family tree data. Family trees exported as GEDCOM files can be imported by most other genealogy applications. MacFamilyTree is able to handle the GEDCOM formats of most widespread family tree applications, giving you the ability to import and work with research results provided to you by relatives. This is exactly what GEDCOM was invented for: Share your genealogical research results with family members without tying them to a specific application. New in MacFamilyTree 10: Exporting and importing GEDCOM 7 is supported for the first time.