How can I capture audio with Screenium?

Screenium relies on the free Soundflower (Cycling 74, Google Soundflower project) driver to capture everything you hear from your Mac’s speakers. This basically includes audio from almost all applications, as well as system sounds, warning sounds, etc. Adding this extension is the only way for applications to capture system audio.

Download Soundflower

Download Soundflower version for Mac OS X 10.5 – 10.6 (This does only apply to Screenium 2 or 1, as Screenium 3 does require OS X 10.9)

Download Soundflower version for Mac OS X 10.7 and later.

Please check for any installed previous versions before installing Soundflower! Please make sure no previous version of Soundflower is installed on your system. You can check for an existing Soundflower installation in the Screenium Audio pane. If an “install” button is visible in Screenium’s Audio pane, there is already a previous version of Soundflower installed. Please uninstall Soundflower before installing the new version.

Check the speaker configuration, if sound is muted

If sound is muted during recording with System Audio Along with the Soundflower driver, a configuration application called Soundflowerbed is installed. If sound is muted, it is possible that Soundflower is just not configured to send its audio out your Mac’s speakers, yet. Please follow the steps below to make sure Soundflower is configured correctly.