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Payment Information
You can place an order by Credit Card or by PayPal. Within minutes a registration key is sent out by email to unlock your software.

How do I obtain my software?
After your purchase you'll receive a registration key by e-mail. Use this key to unlock the freely downloadable demo. If you didn't download the software yet, hit the download button at the top of the page to start the download. After the first launch you're asked to enter your registration key from the order receipt.

What happens if I loose my serial number? Do I have to buy again?
You do not need to buy the software again. If you lose your serial number, simply contact us by using the support section and we'll resend your key at no additional cost.

I bought a new Mac. How do I unlock my previously purchased software?
Simply download the free demo from our website to your new Mac and use your serial number in your order receipt to unlock the copy on your new Mac at no additional cost.

Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.9
(Mavericks fully supported)

Find, Sort and Delete

CleanApp displays an overview of all applications currently installed on your Mac, lets you search via Spotlight and sorts your applications by the time you last used them. This way, you can conveniently free up disk space by identifying and deleting all those apps you've completely forgotten about after using them once or twice. Since the Logging Service records all changes at file system level, CleanApp will provide informed and comprehensive suggestions as to which files to remove when uninstalling an application.

  • Delete

Easy Localization Removal

CleanApp makes removing language packages from applications a piece of cake. If you don't speak more than one or two languages, why keep large amounts of excess data around? Conveniently find and remove all the localizations and documentation you don't require and reclaim that precious hard disk space.

  • Language packages

Slim down Universal Binaries

OS X apps usually come with executable files for a number of different processors. Even if your system doesn't require them, they take up space on your hard drive - let CleanApp help you to get rid of unnecessary program code

  • Universal Binaries

Secure and Archive

We would hate for you to lose apps unintentionally - that's why CleanApp comes with a built-in feature that helps you 'test-uninstall' an application before uninstalling it for good. Use our nifty feature to double-check if anything unwanted happens after uninstall - or completely transfer applications to another Mac. The application itself and any additional folders it requires are compressed into an archive and then rebuilt on that second Mac. If you start having second thoughts or simply want to move an application, CleanApp makes sure your data is preserved - for maximum security, we recommend that you back up your CleanApp archives on an external hard drive.

  • Archive

Preference Panes and System Extensions

Applications are not the only items wasting hard disk space - Widgets, system extensions, additional panes in the system preferences and screen savers can block more space than you'd think. CleanApp creates a list of all these types of files on your computer, making housekeeping fun and easy.

  • Extensions

Old Files

Over time, documents, applications and other files will accumulate on your Mac. Some of them may be extremely large and no longer needed. CleanApp's 'Old Files' feature efficiently tracks down these files for you. Various aspects of a file, e.g. file size and date of last use, influence which files show up on top of the search result list.

  • Old files


It's a constant pain - you download a file twice, you re-import pictures that have previously been imported or you simply save a document under a different name but never change the original. This way, you pile up file duplicates that just sit around and consume space on your hard drive. Use CleanApp to quickly and safely identify and remove them.

  • Duplicates