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03/26/15 Final version of CleanApp 5 available now

Your Mac is getting slower and slower and you're running out of disk space on your hard drive? Get help from the brand new version of CleanApp. Have CleanApp 5 look for unused or unnecessary files on your hard drive and free up valuable disk space.

Accelerate your Mac by running a quick yet safe system sweep with CleanApp 5. CleanApp 5 looks for zombie files that no longer serve a purpose but may bring your system to its knees if you let them pile up. You'll be amazed how much disk space CleanApp 5 will free up for you!

CleanApp 5 is a free update for all users of CleanApp 4. The full version is $14.99, an update for users of CleanApp 1,2 or 3 is available for $4.99.

Have a look at the demo version or visit our product page.

12/10/14 Logoist 2.1 offers new Path tools, Brushes and Business Card templates

Editor’s choice back in September, now one of the „Best Apps 2014“ on the Mac App Store - and version 2.1 makes our popular vector drawing app yet more powerful and convenient to use.

Version 2.1 comes with completely new and versatile path tools, allowing you to create and edit an infinite range of shapes. Add embellishments as you please with our new brushes for paths and shapes.

Logoist 2.1 has of course been adapted to OS X Yosemite and matches its new, modern look. Users of Logoist 2 may download the new version from the Mac App Store free or charge. For users of Logoist 1, the upgrade is avaiable from the Mac App Store for as little as 14.99 US$.

Have a look at the demo version or visit our product page.

Logoist 2 at the Mac App Store

10/16/14 Welcome MacFamilyTree 7.3 and MobileFamilyTree 7.3…

… and Welcome OS X Yosemite! We have just released another important update for MacFamilyTree and MobileFamilyTree - free for users of version 7. MacFamilyTree 7.3 matches OS X Yosemite's new look and will speak to you with a clear visual language and enhanced navigability, making your genealogical research yet more convenient and fun.

MacFamilyTree 7.3. makes navigating around your family history easier and faster than ever. Use the top bar to navigate to previous views just like you would in a browser and you'll never lose track of the persons you edited or features you ran previously. MacFamilyTree 7.3 and MobileFamilyTree 7.3 also offer Apple’s new feature called Handoff - Edit any one person in your iPhone family tree, and the same view will open in MacFamilyTree.

MacFamilyTree 7.3 at the Mac App Store
MobileFamilyTree 7.3 at the App Store

09/17/14 Major update: Logoist 2 released

From simple logos, banners, icons, postcards and buttons to complex vector art- Logoist 2 for Mac helps you create impressive illustrations and images. Logoist 2 has grown to be a powerful vector drawing app, for beginners and professional users.

It provides professional users with powerful and unique tools while ensuring an easy start to vector graphics editing for complete beginners. From simple collages to complex projects using Boolean operators, Bézier paths, a combination of pixel and vector effects - Logoist 2 has the right tool for every idea.

Logoist 2 is available at the Mac App Store and requires OS X Mavericks - the upcoming OS X Yosemite is also completely supported. Logoist 2 is offered for an upgrade and introduction pricing of just US$ 14.99 until December, 7th. Have a look at the demo version or visit our product page.

Logoist 2 at the Mac App Store

09/04/14 CleanApp 5 Beta released

Wondering why your free hard disk space is constantly shrinking? Have a look at CleanApp 5 and get the answer. We have just released the brand new version 5 as public beta - faster than ever, super reliable and equipped with a clean and lucid user interface. Let CleanApp search for unused files on your hard drive and reclaim lost disk space.

CleanApp 5 is a free update for all customers of CleanApp 3. Owners of previous versions pay just US$ 4.99 for the update. A free demo version is also available. Check out the product page and download CleanApp 5 - you will be stunned how much disk space CleanApp 5 can regain for you.

Visit the CleanApp 5 Product Page

06/25/14 MacFamilyTree and MobileFamilyTree 7.2 released

Another major update for our popular genealogy applications MacFamilyTree and MobileFamilyTree for iPhone and iPad has just been released. It's free of charge for customers of version 7.

MacFamilyTree 7.2 and MobileFamilyTree 7.2 won't fail to impress you with their completely overhauled reports, enhanced printing and the new Interactive Family Tree for more comprehensive and faster navigation through your family tree. The new version also features a brand new FamilySearch summary page as well as numerous other tweaks.

Visit the MacFamilyTree Product Page
Visit the MobileFamilyTree Product Page

03/20/14 MobileFamilyTree 7.1 released

MobileFamilyTree 7.1 is one of the most comprehensive updates ever released for mobile genealogical research, which is becoming ever more popular. It's free for MobileFamilyTree 7 customers, and only $14.99 for all new customers.

It comes with a fully redesigned and iOS 7 inspired look, a new Interactive Tree for faster navigation and convenient data entry, Statistics Maps, a dramatically enhanced FamilySearch integration and AirPlay support to present your family tree on a TV or via video projector - these are just a few examples of Version 7.1's many awesome tweaks.

MobileFamilyTree 7.1 can be purchased from the App Store and requires iOS 5 or later. However, we recommend iOS 6 or later.

02/21/14 MacFamilyTree now FamilySearch TreeShare certified

Small update - big upgrade! MacFamilyTree 7.1.4 comes with a much enhanced FamilySearch interface, earning it the highest possible FamilySearch certification level.

FamilySearch is the world's largest collection of genealogical data online. It offers more than two billion person entries, which you can browse in MacFamilyTree 7 without any additional cost or subscription.

Use MacFamilyTree 7's FamilySearch Family Tree to search for additional ancestors and optionally share the results with millions of other users.

Searching the FamilySearch database has been sped up a lot in version 7.1.4. Additionally, MacFamilyTree 7.1.4 offers a much better overview and sports FamilySearch Sources integration.

MacFamilyTree 7.1.4 is a free update for all customers who bought MacFamilyTree 7.0 or 7.1 and can be downloaded for free at the Mac App Store. The full version can be purchased for $49.99 at the Mac App Store.

11/19/13 MyFourWalls 1.0 is available now

The big day has finally arrived - MyFourWalls has left the beta stage and is now available in version 1.0. Use MyFourWalls to create your dream home. Choose from our comprehensive furniture and materials collection to change your new or existing home's design and give your space a fresh facelift with just a few clicks. Take a 3D house tour to gain a detailed impression of your space.

MyFourWalls offers you a wide range of options. Switch between day and night view and add doors, windows, and stairs to your floor plan. There is no limit on the number of floors you can create.

MyFourWalls is available for just $29.99. Beta version customers may update free of charge. Have a look at our product page or go directly to the Mac App Store.MyFourWalls requires Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or later and fully supports OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

10/22/13 MacFamilyTree with new Mavericks Maps and new Web Export

MacFamilyTree 7.1 is available immediately - a big update with many enhancements that does not only offer new functions but is also optimized for OS X 10.9 Mavericks. The "Statistics Maps" use Apple's new maps and offer statistics for your family tree that you never thought would be possible. See which ancestors lived very long, where and when many children were born and where your relatives were buried - right on a map.

Also new in MacFamilyTree 7.1: the completely re-written Web Export. Create a website with just a few clicks and publish it along with images, videos, audio files and statistics. Either using our free service, optionally with password protection, or any other web server you have access to.

But version 7.1 has a lot more to offer, FamilySearch now supports discussions, shows the change history and offers an improved work flow. All charts can now have background images, emblems, own photos or one of the more than 50 images MacFamilyTree ships with.

MacFamilyTree 7.1 is available immediately and free of charge via the Mac App Store for customers of MacFamilyTree 7.0. MacFamilyTree 7.1 requires OS X 10.7 Lion, the new statistics maps require OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

MacFamilyTree 7.1 costs $49.99. MobileFamilyTree 7, the iOS counterpart of MacFamilyTree will be updated to version 7.1 late 2013 or early 2014 free of charge.

Visit our product page or go directly to the Mac App Store.

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