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Welcome macOS Big Sur, welcome Apple Silicon and M1 Chip!

These are exciting times! Apple not only released macOS Big Sur, but also introduced their brand new Mac lineup with Apple’s own M1 processors.

We are happy to announce: All our apps run perfectly on macOS Big Sur – and native versions of MacFamilyTree, iFinance, Logoist, and Vectorize are already available.

MacFamilyTree 9.2, iFinance 4.6, Logoist 4.1, and Vectorize 1.1 are free updates for all customers of the respective major versions. To celebrate this big moment in Mac history, we have discounted our Mac apps by 50% for a limited time:

MacFamilyTree 9 59.99 US$
29.99 US$
Logoist 4 39.99 US$
19.99 US$
iFinance 4 35.99 US$
17.99 US$
Vectorize! 17.99 US$
8.99 US$
Screenium 3 54.99 US$
26.99 US$

You have ordered one of the new M1 Macs? Screenium 3 currently works with Rosetta due to a compatibility issue Apple is going to resolve in a Big Sur update later this year. Still, performance will be outstanding!