Current Version: 4.6.3

Version History

The demo version is fully functional except WiFI and iCloud sync. Additionally, saving databases is disabled in the demo version.

In order to uninstall the demo version, simply drag it to the trash.
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Version 4.6.3
iFinance 4 for Mac is exclusively available at the Mac App Store.

A Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite is required to use iFinance 4. macOS 11 Big Sur and macOS 12 Monterey are fully supported. Fully optimized for M1-based Macs.
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US$ 39.99 on the Mac App Store
iFinance 4 for iOS is exclusively available at the App Store and requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 9 or newer. iOS 14 is fully supported.
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US$ 9.99 on the App Store

Informative Charts

iFinance offers numerous options for users to visually analyze their financial data. Customize charts to suit your individual needs. How are your assets performing? Which accounts show black figures? Incorporate categories and see how your monthly rent or mortgage payment, groceries, insurances or loan installments affect your finances. You'll also see at a quick glance if income from rent or interest payments isn't paid to you in due time. Want even more eye candy? Then have iFinance display your data in beautiful interactive 3D charts which even offer a better overview about your finances.

Smart Budgeting

Give yourself a budget for your monthly spending - either an overall budget or specific budgets for dining out, special treats, or tobacco products. iFinance is able to automatically assign these types of expenses to the corresponding budget and issues a warning once you approach your limit. At the end of the month you'll no longer have to wonder where you money went and you'll see at a glance whether you can actually afford that new pair of shoes or the DVD you're tempted to buy.

Wide Range of Search Options

You're tasked with looking up how much you paid for your new TV four years ago, and finding the corresponding invoice. If this requires you to get up and go through binders or random boxes, then iFinance's integrated search feature is exactly what you need. If it seems like your rent payment by standing order didn't go through two months ago - simply double-check with iFinance 4!

Improved Overview with Reports

Reports provide you with the figures that the Charts feature presents graphically. Income and expenses, profit and loss, and optionally, iFinance is also able to determine the Top 10 of categories or keywords used, or even the Top 10 payment recipients. Create a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual summary and highlight the lowest values in color. The payment list gives you a structured overview of the transactions that were taken into account for the report.

Manage Bank Statements

Does your bank offer the download of PDF based bank statements? Then simply drag&drop these documents onto the bank statement section of iFinance. Manage and archive all your statements so that nothing ever gets lost. Of course you can store any PDF document in iFinance’s bank statement section and attach the files to every account you like.