Current Version: 5.0.25

Version History

The demo version is fully functional and brings all features from the full version – except that the demo version is limited to a single database and can only be used for 24 hours.

In order to uninstall the demo version, simply drag it to the trash.
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Version 5.0.25
iFinance 5 is exclusively available at the App Store.

iFinance 5 can be used on macOS, iPadOS and iOS with a single purchase. It requires macOS Catalina, macOS Big Sur, macOS Monterey or macOS Ventrua on the Mac and iOS 14, iOS 15 or iOS 16 on iPhone or iPad. Fully optimized for M1-based Macs.

Information concerning updates from previous versions
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iFinance Version History

25 Apr 2023
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
06 Mar 2023
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
09 Feb 2023
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
30 Jan 2023
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
18 Dec 2022
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
01 Dec 2022
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
28 Nov 2022
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
10 Nov 2022
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
27 Oct 2022
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
18 Oct 2022
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
25 Sep 2022
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
18 Sep 2022
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
01 Sep 2022
  • - iFinance can now warn you when the online balance and the calculated balance do not match (can be enabled in app settings).
  • - You can now set whether the budget list shows the remaining amount of the budget or the progress in percent.
  • - After retrieving online transactions, iFinance now asks whether existing transactions with the same date and amount should be merged.
  • - You can now set the appearance of the app in the app settings (dark/light mode).
  • - Many more Improvements and bug fixes.
18 Aug 2022
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
11 Aug 2022
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
09 Aug 2022
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
08 Aug 2022
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
02 Aug 2022
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
02 Aug 2022
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
31 Jul 2022
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
27 Jul 2022
  • Fixed some issues regarding amounts with leading currency symbols
  • The button "Jump to Today" is back. It can also be triggered via shortcut command + T.
  • Several improvements and bug fixes
21 Jul 2022
  • Several improvements and bug fixes
20 Jul 2022
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash after syncing between devices
  • Several improvements and bug fixes
18 Jul 2022
  • Fixed a localization bug
18 Jul 2022
  • The fallback language for regions without their own translations is now English instead of German
  • Fixed an error that caused the performance (gain/loss) values of stocks to be sometimes incorrect
  • Several small translation updates
18 Jul 2022
  • Completely redesigned User Interface
  • iFinance 5 comes with a modern new user interface that embeds smoothly in your existing macOS or iOS ecosystem
  • Full support for Dark Mode on all plattforms
  • Greatly enhanced user experience – especially on iOS and iPadOS
  • Every section and view has been revised in iFinance 5
  • Modern iconography using Apple SF Symbols
  • More Countries Supported for Online Connectivity
  • Connect to banks in US and Canada via our partner Plaid (requires paid subscription)
  • Connect to banks in France, Spain and Austria via our partner FinTecSystesm (requires paid subscription)
  • The new and improved setup assistant lets you connect your bank accounts even easier
  • Budgets and Annual Budgets
  • Use annual budgets for long term financial budgeting
  • Annual budgets: Separated by income and expenses
  • Automatically split your annual budget to monthly income and expenses
  • Easily navigate through different time periods
  • Modern user interface
  • Finance Section
  • Optionally hide individual accounts from the overview
  • Overview chart: See your 90 day account history directly above your transaction list
  • Greatly enhanced and improved transaction editor
  • New and improved transaction reconciling without having to close the transaction list
  • Improved Stock and Depot management
  • Easily navigate to different time periods of the stock performance chart
  • Improved management of stocks, ETFs, crypto currencies and other investments
  • Sales and purchases of stocks and other investments may now be added as individual transactions to one of your accounts in order to improve income/expense reporting
  • Categories
  • Greatly improved display of categories and associated transactions
  • Use custom rules to automatically assign categories to transactions (for example, if the transaction amount is below 5 Dollars)
  • Universal Purchase for Mac, iPhone and iPad
  • Use iFinance 5 on your Mac, iPhone and iPad with a single purchase
  • Subscriptions to paid online banking services may be used on Mac, iPhone and iPad simultaneously with a single subscription – thanks to Synium ID
  • Optimized for the new M1 and M2 based Macs
  • Further Enhancements
  • Define a custom folder location to store your databases
  • Greatly enhanced synchronization of your iFinance 5 databases on iCloud
  • New, integrated help system
  • Easily manage your iFinance 5 databases in the improved welcome window