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Synium releases Logoist 4.0

Logoist 4 has just been launched – welcome a brand new version of our popular graphic and vector design app! Developed for both professional designers and graphic artists as well as beginners, Logoist 4 provides impressive features but still incredible ease of use. Go and get your copy of Logoist 4 for just US$39.99 at the Mac App Store.

Here are a few examples for great new features Logoist 4 provides: The „Vectorizer“ turns images into vector graphics while the Image Enhancer removes noise and compression artifacts – both assisted by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. „Artboard“ let you create any number of workspaces within a given document, a new focus mode allows you to hide all objects except the one you are currently editing. Multipoint gradients, many new filters, generators, presets as well as dramatically improved performance are further major improvements of Logoist 4.

Logoist 4 comes fully localized in eight languages and requires macOS 10.14 Mojave or later. Please also have a look at the Demo Video and our Product Page. Purchase Logoist 4 today for just US$39.99.