Why is there no upgrading pricing but just a full version?

Unfortunately Apple does not allow to sell an application at different price points for specific customers. While we’d love to offer discounts for customers of a previous version, there is unfortunately no way to do so at the Mac App Store or App Store. Discount codes or vouchers don’t exist either – although many developers and customers kept asking Apple that for years. Since we make heavy use of Apple’s latest technologies to make the best product possible, there is no way around the Mac App Store and we cannot offer MacFamilyTree at our web store.

We perfectly understand that you are not very happy with this situation – nor are we. However, if you compare our pricing to our competitors, Mac and Windows, our full price is still more affordable than every other full featured genealogy app. In fact MacFamilyTree’s full price is less than most of our competitors charge for upgrades or for annual fees. If you buy MacFamilyTree now, you can be sure to receive a lot of huge free updates within the next three years.

We have an excellent track record of huge free updates – within the three year lifespan of a major new version, tons of improvements or big new features will be implemented without asking you to pay again. Some examples for free upgrades in the last years were Virtual Tree, Web Export, Book Publishing, Map Report, Statistic Maps, entirely new source management, research assistant, history database and lots of other new reports and charts. We plan to adhere to this business model.

Thank you very much for supporting high quality Mac software!