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Major Update: MacFamilyTree 9 und MobileFamilyTree 9 released

MacFamilyTree just celebrated its 20th anniversary. After putting all of our longstanding know-how and experience into a brand new version, we are now excited to start the next chapter with the launch of MacFamilyTree 9 (Mac) and MobileFamilyTree 9 (iPhone/iPad). Discover your family history in even newer and more exciting ways and be sure to get MacFamilyTree’s biggest and most comprehensive update yet.

Not only do Mac Family Tree 9 and MobileFamilyTree 9 offer a substantially improved and redesigned interface for faster and more convenient navigation, they also contain the most sophisticated and visually appealing charts and reports the app has ever seen.

You’ll also enjoy more than 300 improvements and new features throughout the app, like DNA test integration and more. Want a quick overview? Then please have a look at this summary page.

MacFamilyTree 9 is available for just US$59.99 while MobileFamilyTree 9 is US$32.99. MacFamilyTree 9 requires macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later while MobileFamilyTree requires iOS 11 or later.