Current Version: 3.2

Version History

The demo version is fully functional, but all pictures are watermarked.

In order to uninstall the demo version, simply drag it to the trash.
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Version 3.2
Logoist 3 is exclusively available at the Mac App Store.

macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra or macOS Mojave is required to use Logoist.
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What's New in Logoist 3 - Showcase Video

All new features in Logoist 3

New User Interface
  • Switch between bright and dark interface theme
  • Completely configurable layout
  • Sections can be optionally displayed as separate, floating windows
  • Completely new objects list for a vastly better overview
  • Edit gradients directly on the canvas without opening a separate window
  • Edit patterns directly on the canvas without opening a separate window
  • Letters from text objects can be moved and rotated directly on the canvas
  • Improved font selection
  • Improved clipart selection
  • New overview of all available styles, shadows, effects, borders, generators and distorters
Improved Rendering Pipeline
  • Vastly accelerated and more accurate on-screen display
  • Much improved performance, especially on macOS 10.13 High Sierra, especially when using complex effects
  • Better utilization of Macs with multi-core processors thanks to Grand Central Dispatch
  • Complete color management in the complete rendering system for better on-screen color accuracy
  • Boolean operations of pixel and vector art retain vector information, even in very complex designs
1-2-3 Logo!
  • Enter a name, initials or a tagline and instantly see suggestions for a great logo or title art
  • Create dozens of different suggestions for all kind of names in seconds
  • After selecting a distinct logo style, Logoist automatically suggestions different color styles
  • Replace characters in the logo with special fonts, clip art or typographic effects
  • Every logo is fully editable for further customization and can be exported as PDF, SVG, JPG, PNG or PSD files
New Path Generators
  • New Snow Generator
  • New Sand Generator
  • Improved Rubber Stamp Generator with improved quality, more options and vector export
  • New Cracks Generator
  • New Spike Generator
  • New Branches Generator
  • New Grass Generator
  • New Stitches Generator
  • New Paint Splatter Generator
New Flexible Shape Library
  • New Cogwheel Object
  • New Shine Object
  • New Cloud Object
  • New Flower Object
  • New Radioactive Object
  • New Regular Convex Object
  • New Dotted Circle Object
  • New Loop Rectangle Object
  • New Crown Object
  • New Atom Object
  • New Snowflake Objekt
  • New Wave Object
  • New Spider Net Object
  • New Whirl Object
  • Improved Arc Object
  • Improved Rectangle Object (rounding of each edge can be individually configured)
  • Improved Triangle Object (rounding of each edge can be individually configured)
  • Improved Ellipse Object
SVG Importer
  • Import clipart and other graphics using SVG files
  • All vector, grouping, fill, gradient and transformation information is retained when importing SVG files
  • Imported SVG files can be completely edited after import
  • Great compatibility with SVG files found on the internet or exported by other apps
New Pixel Artwork Mode
  • Create pixel-accurate artwork in Logoist
  • Great for icons and other small bitmap files
  • Seamlessly switch between pixel artwork, x-ray and vector mode
Configurable Measurement Units
  • Assign a measurement unit for each Logoist document individually – positions, scales, line widths and other properties will be displayed in the selected unit
  • Supported measurement units are inches, centimeters, pixels, millimeters, picas and points
Support for Touch Bar
  • Frequently used functions are directly accessible on the Touch Bar
  • Switch between pixel artwork, x-ray or vector mode directly on the Touch Bar without a single click
  • Undo and Redo are always accessible
New Preset Lab for style presets
  • See all available style presets including a live preview
  • Directly configure colors of a style preset to your liking
Completely new Export
  • Accurate display of what will be exported
  • New Batch Export: Export a document in multiple resolutions in different formats with a single click
  • Greatly enhanced Photoshop PSD export
  • Improved exporting Layers as PNG files
  • Improved customization options of the background used when exporting
  • Exporting PDF and SVG files now retain much more vector information thanks to the new rendering system
  • Support for HEVC/HEIF image export added (on supported Macs)
New Object Labels
  • Add custom labels to every object or group in Logoist
  • Every label is color-coded and visible in the objects list
  • Quickly hide and show objects with specific labels to manage larger Logoist projects
  • Specify what should be visible on exported artwork by using labels directly in the export sections
Improved Printing and PDF-Export
  • Print a true-to-scale representation of your artwork
  • Tile multiple copies of your artwork on one page, useful for business cards or label printing
  • Optionally, include cut marks on your printouts
New Image Masking Technique
  • Easily remove the background from photos and clip art
  • Mask and crop complex images with an advanced object segmentation algorithm
  • Use a content sensitive magic wand tool, a brush, rect or ellipse tool to quickly crop or mask images
Embed Documents
  • Logoist documents can be embedded into other Logoist documents and be manipulated like any other object on the canvas
  • Structure complex documents with sub-documents
  • Frequently used graphics previously created in Logoist (like a company logo for example) can be added to new documents simply by using drag & drop
Object Instances
  • Create a single object and use it multiple times on the canvas
  • When modifying the original object, all instances will be modified as well
  • Instances are nestable, so you can even create a new instance from a group of instances
Editing Paths
  • Move single path elements using the arrow keys for pixel accurate control of paths
  • Improved creation and editing of paths with sub-paths
Crop Images
  • Imported images can be cropped with rectangles, circles, freehand paths or by using a magic wand tool
  • Improved performance when cropping images using the magic wand tool
  • New Overlay Zoom Blur filter for impressive effects
  • Improved quality of edge bevel filters
  • Improved HDR Glow filter with more options and drastically improved output quality
  • Improved Color Correction and Hue Shift filters now retaining as much vector information as possible
  • Improved Pattern Styles, especially when exporting as PDF and SVG files
  • Improved output quality of Blur Glow and HDR Glow filters
  • Improved Shadow filters with more options and improved vector output
  • New Replace Color filter
  • Improved Offset filter with more options
  • Many new style and filter presets added
  • New style and filter presets added for imported images
  • Many new sample documents added
  • Faster launch of Logoist
  • Much improved print quality
  • Copy & Paste vastly improved: Objects are smartly aligned when pasted or directly pasted at the mouse position if the cursor is on the canvas
  • Scale, rotate and position groups using numerical values
  • Automatically adjust the canvas zoom level depending on the window size
  • Scroll the canvas by holding down the space key and dragging the mouse
  • Greatly enhanced color suggestions when adding styles