I installed Screenium but the system sound can't be recorded. Other audio sources like the internal microphone are captured just fine, though. What am I doing wrong?

With Screenium 1.3, we started using the free SoundFlower driver for capture of system audio and audio from applications. Sometimes, SoundFlower drivers installed by other applications can not be found by Screenium. If you launch Screenium for the first time and open the Audio tab and you don't see the "install..." button next to "System Audio (Screenium)", then a previous version of SoundFlower is already installed on your Mac.

For reliability reasons, however, Screenium accepts only the most current original SoundFlower driver.

  1. Please uninstall SoundFlower as described in Screenium's User Guide in the Help Menu.
  2. Then launch Screenium and open the Audio pane
  3. Next to "System Audio (Screenium)", click the "install..." button
  4. Once the installation is finished, activate the System Audio driver for capture
  5. If capture in general is okay but you can't record audio from a certain application, please see Screenium's User Guide in Screenium's Help menu for more details. There's a chapter describing capture of applications which have their own Audio Output options (like VLC and Skype)

More information is available in the User Guide. You can find it in Screennium's Help Menu or for download here.