Since Screenium 1.3, I can't hear audio from certain applications anymore while recording. In the captured movie, however, audio is just fine.

With Screenium 1.3, we started using the free SoundFlower driver for capture of system audio and audio from applications. In most cases, this doesn't change anything. Some applications like Skype, the VLC, Apple's Pro applications and others, however, have their own Audio settings and in some cases don't route their audio directly to your Mac's speakers.

In those cases:

  1. Open that application's Audio Preferences
  2. Make sure that in Screenium's Audio pane, the "System Audio )Screenium)" driver is installed an activated.
  3. In the application please select "Soundflower (2ch)" as the Audio output device
  4. Launch the SoundFlowerBed application from your Applications - Soundflower folder
  5. Click the SoundFlower icon in the Menu Bar
  6. Select "Built-in Output” as SoundFlower's audio output device

This should bring back audio during capture. If you use additional audio interfaces, configuration may become a little more complicated but if you route from the application to SoundFlower and then out your Audio Output, all should be fine.

More information is available in the User Guide. You can find it in Screennium's Help Menu or for download here.