There are duplicate entries in my family tree. Now I'd like to merge the data so I don't have to check each entry manually.

In MacFamilyTree, there are two ways you can merge persons:

  • The first is the Database Maintenance feature. Please refer to MacFamilyTree's User Guide for detailed information. Generally speaking, the Find Person Duplicates feature will scan your data and determine likely candidates for a merge. You'll be presented a comparison list which gives both the calculated probability for a match, as well as some basic information you can compare the two candidates with.
  • The second way is available in the Person Editor's overview list:
    1. In the left-hand column, click Edit, then Persons.
    2. The overview list will open
    3. Click in the Name column's headline to sort the list by name
    4. Now select a person from that list (Command-click for multiple persons).
    5. Right-click (ctrl-click) the selection
    6. From the context menu, pick "Search for duplicates"
    7. You'll be presented with the same comparison feature as in the Database Maintenance

More information is available in the User Guide. You can find it in MacFamilyTree's Help Menu or for download here.