I purchased a serial number but it doesn't work.

Please don't go and buy another, yet. If you purchase multiple times, this will cause handling fees each time and there are limits to how much of these costs we can take before it becomes economically unsound.

Instead, please check the following advice, then contact our support team via the support form in this website's Support section. Serials aren't just invalidated after purchase unless we become aware that they are shared in the internet. Especially if you just purchased one, it literally always is valid. We have yet to come across a serial that's been sold and isn't valid for unlocking the respective product.

So if your serial number isn't accepted, do the following:

  1. Make sure you're entering the actual serial number. It should be called "serial number" in your confirmation mail
  2. Check if you purchased the correct serial number (i.e. for the product you're trying to unlock). These things just happen. Please see the product's User Guide in its Help Menu for details about the registration process and what a valid serial number should look like
  3. Make sure you purchased a serial number from our web store. Except for this store, there is currently no other legal way of purchasing our applications online as a download.
  4. If you paid for a download elsewhere, immediately contact that website and get your money returned. The download itself is always free and download serial numbers can only be purchased from our store.
  5. (Of course the MacFamilyTree box, available from Amazon and others, contains a valid serial number, too).
  6. Please make sure you enter the entire number as given in your purchase confirmation. This includes all the leading capital letters and the hyphens. Do check that no blanks or additional characters are added up front or at the end of that serial number.

If the number still isn't accepted, please contact us via the contact form. We'll check that serial number to see if there is a problem with it.

We try to be consistent in using only the word serial number, you might encounter one of these alternative words, though:

  • product key
  • product number
  • registration number
  • registration key
  • registration code
  • serial code
  • unlock key
  • unlock code

They all mean the same thing, there is only this serial number you receive after purchase and which unlocks the application when you enter it in the application's registration dialog.

If you can't enter your serial number because the registration dialog doesn't come up anymore, please see this topic:

The registration dialog doesn't open. How do I enter the serial number now?