What is going to change with the introduction of the Mac App Store?

We will distribute as many apps over the Mac App Store as possible. However, we don't intend to abandon our other ways of distribution. So let's see what will change:

Serial number

Q: I just purchased from the App Store. When will I get my serial number?

A: That's one of the advantages of purchasing in the Mac App Store. No serials required. The App Store application should automatically download, install and register the product you just purchased for you. Please open Finder and see if you can find it in your Applications folder.

If you can't find it there, please go back to the App Store application and see the Purchases section. This will allow you to manually start the download.

Installed Demo

Q: I downloaded and installed the free demo from your website. Now when I try to purchase the application in the App Store, it tells me the application was already installed and refuses to let me buy.

A: Please delete our application from your Mac's Applications folder. Once deleted, you will then be able to purchase it in the App Store. The Store tries to keep you from purchasing applications you already did buy. To the Store, an application is the same no matter where you purchased it when it comes to allowing you to buy it. Updating is an entirely different matter, you can only update via the App Store if you purchased an application there - please see the next question for details.


Q: If I purchased from anywhere but the App Store, will I get my future updates from the App Store?

A: No. Your applications will still be updated via the integrated auto-updater and can be downloaded manually from our website:

Download our applications

The Mac App Store and our other means of distribution are independent and technologically incompatible.

Switch to App Store license

Q: Are there free / discounted upgrades or crossgrades from a regular license to an App Store License?

A: No, currently, the Mac App Store doesn't support this. If you purchased an earlier version of MacFamilyTree, you can always update at the discounted rate by purchasing the upgrade from our Web Store. iFinance 3 is a free update for all previous iFinance customers, same with CleanApp 3 and anyone who purchased any version of CleanApp.


Q: Is the version in the App Store in any way different from the version outside the store?

A: No, its features are completely the same except for the registration process. Since all applications have to pass an approval process before being released in the Mac App Store any time there's an update, critical updates may be released immediately outside the App Store and take one or several days for approval by Apple but mostly, they should always be the same versions inside and outside the App Store.

Install on second Mac

Q: How do I install an app I purchased from the Mac App Store on my second Mac?

A: Apps you buy in the App Store will only run on Macs the App Store runs on. So unless your second Mac runs at least Mac OS X 10.6.6, you can't launch any of them. If your Mac is up-to-date, simply log in to the Mac App Store and open the Purchases section. All your apps are listed there for convenient download.


Q: Whoops, I deleted an app. How do I get it back?

A: Please see the above answer - when you launch the App Store application, all your purchases are right there for (re-)download. If all your applications but one are there, please contact Apple Support. We have no way of checking why an application would disappear from your list. Apple Support can check your user account and look up your purchases for you.