iFinance 3.3 and iFinance Mobile 2.1 released

We are pleased to announce the release of two new updates for the iFinance family. iFinance 3.3, the popular financing application for Mac OS X, and iFinance Mobile 2.1, the handy financing tool for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

iFinance 3.3 introduces several user interface improvements and a better overview of accounts and stock folders. Stock folders now display an easy to understand summary of all stocks. As a frequently requested feature, manual input of stock data has been implemented. The new version also brings improved support for various import formats like CSV, MT940 and OFX.

Further customizability of the user interface enables the user to hide unused sections in the organizer. Virtually all common file formats can be added to transactions in an unlimited amount. Besides the inclusion of various new currencies, several other improvements concerning usability and performance of the application have been implemented.

iFinance Mobile 2.1, the mobile companion app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, introduces advanced capabilities to import media files. Now users can also take photos directly using the built-in camera.


What's new in iFinance 3.3

  • Further customizability of the user interface (Stocks, Budgets, Charts and Reports)
  • Amounts can be entered with simple formulas (e.g. (6+7)/3)
  • Merging of transactions
  • Unlimited files can be added to a transaction
  • Manual input of stock data
  • Stock folders display an overview of the containing stock objects
  • New Currencies ( Jordanian Dinar [JOD], Ugandan Shilling [UGX], East Carribean Dollar [XCD], Mauritian Rupee [MUR], Tanzanian Shilling [TZS])
  • Improved compatibility with third party applications

What's new in iFinance Mobile 2.1

  • Media files can be added to transactions
  • Capture of images or videos directly from the application