Synium Software products in the new Mac App Store

These are exciting times for Mac software developers. Have you ever had problems downloading, installing, registering and then updating an application? Well, if you installed the latest Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later, the new Mac App Store will take care of that. Five of our applications are available from the App Store right now.

The App Store is a very important way of distribution but we don't intend to abandon our other means like our website's online store and sales of the boxed version of MacFamilyTree via Amazon and other retailers anytime soon. We fully intend to keep our upgrade pricing for purchases outside the Mac App Store.

Please see our comprehensive App Store FAQs for more details:
What you should know about the Mac App Store

We'd like to thank everybody for an amazing first week in the App Store and hope you're up for an exciting year 2011.