The new Synium Mac Bundle is available

If you like two or three of our applications, why not have them all? Get our Synium Bundle of all of our Mac applications and get an instant 30% discount. The bundle is available from this website - simply look for the Special Offers section in the left-hand navigation and click the Mac Bundle item.

Help us in our effort to bring the best Mac software to you and save money at the same time. One bundle purchase of just $149 will buy you:

Record your family history with MacFamilyTree. Import and export family tree data in the universal GEDCOM format, enjoy the improved workflow when entering your family data and visualize your family relations with charts and reports. Do web research right from inside MacFamilyTree and conveniently add the information you find to your own family tree. Get your hands dirty researching your family's past in church registers and once you scan the documents, store them in MacFamilyTree's source management system.

Get your finances in shape. Don't hide your receipts in a drawer so you can just stop thinking about them. Enter your income and all the expenses in iFinance and start organizing your life with weekly or monthly budgets. The better your overview, the better your decisions. And if you identify and cut unnecessary spendings, you may be able to afford that new bike, sofa or flatscreen much sooner than you thought.

Once you saved up the dough for that new bike, start using it and record and plan your daily meals according to your new sports routine. Pick meals from a database of more than 7,000 different foods or add your own favorites. Foodurama will calculate what you had today and what best to eat now to meet your dietary requirements based on your activity level. So if you picked that new bike over the new flatscreen TV, you'll get suggestions that cater to your new healthy lifestyle.

Now that you've gotten rid of bad old habits, maybe it's time to rid your Mac of software you don't need anymore. And if you don't want any of them to leave unnecessary clutter on your hard drive, CleanApp is just what you need. Uninstall software with CleanApp and let it help you spot and remove the no longer needed files belonging to the applications which are hiding on your Mac's hard disk. And if you're unsure wether you can safely remove an application or not, use CleanApp's remove and archive feature. If things start going bad after the uninstallation, simply revert the process and return the application to its former state.

Show your friends how you create artwork on your Mac by capturing everything you do with Screenium. Or did you ever spend hours and hours on the phone, trying to teach a relative or friend how to do something and a month later, the same question arises again? Simply capture the workflow with Screenium and send them a video so they can look it up in that video if they forget. And while you're at it, why not become a tutor and upload your tutorials to YouTube?

Write a diary and have it collect additional information like your local weather or who you were in contact with for you. Which applications do you use the most and how did you feel today? Chronories helps you remember to write a little every day and makes entering that data a breeze. If you add to that all the information Chronories gathers automatically, your diary database will give you a very good idea of your situation today when you look back ten years from now.

So your appartment is in dire need of some new colors, wallpapers and furniture? Don't grab your credit card just yet. First build a model of your rooms with MyFourWalls, then start the virtual furnishing. Get the pieces' dimensions from your swedish furniture catalogue of choice or visit your local outlet with a printout of the ground plan from MyFourWalls - Simply take the guesswork out of the equation. And the best of all: once you add furniture to your model, you can take a virtual tour around your rooms complete with lighting.