Current Version: 1.0.7

Version History

The demo version is completely functional, but saving and printing is disabled. Furthermore, the demo version is limited to two hours of use.

In order to uninstall the demo version, simply drag it to the trash.
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Version 1.0.7
MyFourWalls requires a Mac with OS X 10.5 or later
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Floor Plans

Create new walls by selecting the wall tool from the toolbar. MyFourWalls automatically creates rooms between connected walls. You can also include virtual walls to define different areas in a large room, allowing you to assign individual colors to different wall or floor sections. Add doors, windows, and stairs and voilĂ , your floor plan is ready!

Furniture Collection

MyFourWalls' furniture collection offers a large range of customizable furniture items. Drag and drop your furniture into the plan and proceed by taking a closer look at your choice in 3D mode. Alter chairs, the kitchen, stairs and much more before comparing your modifications in real time and 3D. Your new home will be fully furnished within minutes, giving you a first impression of your new space.


MyFourWalls allows you to customize all furniture items. You might want to change the legs of your chairs while leaving the seating unaltered - or vice versa. Would you like a couch with or without legs? Do you prefer a sliding door or an open doorway? Use the slide control to modify many features of existing furniture items. Modify every piece according to your wishes or simply use preselected items from the library.

Materials editor

Create new spaces using your favorite colors and materials. Whether you prefer wood, glass, steel or wallpaper, MyFourWalls offers a huge range of different materials. Select predefined wallpaper or import you own patterns and pictures to change the look and feel of walls and floors instantly. In addition, you can also apply your own textures, colors, or surface structures to basically any furniture item.

Doors and Windows

Windows and doors are crucial, as they determine how much warm sunlight your home gets. Replicate your existing home's windows or adjust window size and layout for a new home to ensure the maximum amount of daylight. Select suitable materials such as PVC or wood. Decide in what direction you want your doors to open so you can harness your existing space optimally. MyFourWalls offers you the unique opportunity to see how your choices will impact the look of your future home, leaving no questions unanswered. Windows and doors can be customized choosing from a great deal of different variations. Either use our predefined windows and doors or customize them according to your wishes.


Whether you want a simple, L-shaped, half-spiral, or a full spiral staircase in your home, MyFourWalls offers you a level of detail unprecedented in home design applications for Mac. Change the look of handrails, steps or landings according to your preferences. Wood, steel or glass can all be used to adapt the stairs to your taste and match them to the unique character of your new home.


Your dream home has multiple floors? Go ahead and build an entire home with no limit on the number of levels! Simply create your first floor and use it as a template. All walls and windows will automatically be copied from the first level. The height of each level, including sloping ceilings on the top floor, can be adjusted individually. MyFourWalls allows you to replicate any floor plan and roof so you can get started on designing your dream home today!