I need to enter two brothers who married two sisters. I end up with duplicates. How do I solve this?

Please see the User Guide to learn how to connect two persons who are already in your family tree. You'll need to know the difference between the plus button and the magnifying glass button in order to profit from this tutorial.

  1. Enter the brothers including their family relations in the Family Tree Editor
  2. Select the first brother in the editor and hover the mouse pointer over him
  3. Choose the Add Spouse option
  4. Enter the first sister's data
  5. Now select the first sister in the editor and hover your mouse pointer over her to add her father
  6. Do the same for her father to enter a second daughter
  7. Now switch to the Families Editor
  8. In the overview list, add another family
  9. Double-click that new empty entry
  10. Click the magnifying glass buttons to assign the second brother and sister as spouses

All the principles of adding persons and connection persons who are already in your tree are described in the User Guide.

You can find that guide in MacFamilyTree's Help Menu or for download here.