I tried updating from a previous version of MacFamilyTree. However, the update doesn't work

You can update from any previous version of MacFamilyTree to MacFamilyTree 6 by purchasing the discounted update license from our webstore. To unlock the latest version, you'll need both the newly purchased serial number, as well as your previous serial. If you purchased the MacFamilyTree retail box, you'll find your serial on the backside of the small Quick Start booklet. In case you purchased the download license, the serial was sent to you in an e-mail. You'll recognize it by its formatting.

The number scheme changed for each version. The most recent changes are:

  • MacFamilyTree 4: all serials start with "MFT4", followed by four blocks with four digits each
  • MacFamilyTree 5: all serials start with "MFT", followed by five blocks with four digits each
  • MacFamilyTree 5 update: all serials start with "MFTU", followed by five blocks with four digits each

MacFamilyTree 4 and 5 numbers are accepted right away, if you purchased a version before that, please contact our support team with a proof of purchase so we can provide you with a valid serial number for the update.

Now, to unlock MacFamilyTree 6 with your update serial:

  1. Download and install the latest version of MacFamilyTree 6 from our website. Installation instructions are available here:
    How to install MacFamilyTree
  2. Launch MacFamilyTree 6 from your Applications folder
  3. After a short while, the registration dialog will open. In case not, see here:
    The registration dialog doesn't open
  4. In the serial number field, enter your newly purchased update serial, including the "UPD-MFTR-" and all the hyphens
  5. A second text field should open. Enter your serial number for the previous version of MacFamilyTree. Make sure not to leave out any digit and not to add any blanks up front or at the end
  6. Now confirm to register

In case this doesn't work, please make absolutely sure you're launching MacFamilyTree 6 from your Applications folder and that your new number is entered first, exactly the same as given in your order confirmation mail, and the previous serial in the second text field which will only open after you entered your update serial first.

If this doesn't help, please contact our support team and send us both serial numbers. What we will do then is enter the two numbers on our own systems in the same version of MacFamilyTree that you can download from our website and check if the numbers are in deed invalid.

We try to be consistent in using only the word serial number, you might encounter one of these alternative words, though:

  • product key
  • product number
  • registration number
  • registration key
  • registration code
  • serial code
  • unlock key
  • unlock code

They all mean the same thing, there is only this serial number you receive after purchase and which unlocks the application when you enter it in the application's registration dialog.

More information is available in the User Guide. You can find it in MacFamilyTree's Help Menu or for download here.