I did export a GEDCOM file along with all the photos from my previous genealogy software. Why doesn't MacFamilyTree import them?

Please try and export your data as a GEDCOM file and see if you can find an editor that allows you to actually read the GEDCOM. You should see a "FILE C:\filepath to your image folder\image name" entry for every photo in your library. In case you find none, then they prevent you from exchanging data including photos with any other application. If you do find these entries, then we'll be able to transfer the photos somehow:

  1. Export your GEDCOM file into the folder containing all the photos within FTM's family tree file.
  2. Copy the entire folder to your Mac.

If you're not running MacFamilyTree yet, download and install the latest version from our website, even the demo will allow importing GEDCOMs.


  1. Copy the entire folder containing the photos and the GEDCOM file to your desktop.
  2. Import the GEDCOM file with MacFamilyTree from within that folder and see if the photos are imported.

In case not, the hard part:

  1. Install an editor like BBEdit
  2. Open the GEDCOM file in BBEdit from the folder on your desktop
  3. Search for the "FILE" tag inside that GEDCOM data. It will be followed by a filepath to the images like:
    "FILE C:\filepath\imageName12345.jpg"
  4. Now use search and replace to replace "FILE C:\filepath\" with "FILE " so that only the filenames remain.
  5. Save the file
  6. Now import the GEDCOM in MacFamilyTree

More information is available in the User Guide. You can find it in MacFamilyTree's Help Menu or for download here.