When I try to sync MobileFamilyTree with MacFamilyTree, it doesn't find my device in the Devices list.

Our applications currently only sync via AirPort / WiFi. If the mobile device isn't recognized, please reboot your mobile device (press home button AND the power button), as well as your AirPort / WiFi base station. If that doesn't help, please try to establish an ad hoc network as described in the User Guide and MobileFamilyTree's Help Menu.

Now if these suggestions don't help, please configure your Mac and iPhone to access the network with static IP addresses. If this doesn't mean anything to you, we prepared a quick guide for that:

Quick guide to static IPs

If you would like to transfer your GEDCOM files to your mobile device,the direct data transfer takes place via iTunes. A quick guide can be found here:

Quick guide, how to transfer your GEDCOM files

If none of the above helps in your situation, please do contact us via the Contact Form.