I downloaded a demo of MacFamilyTree. How do I install it properly?

Please always download a current version from our website, installation is pretty straight forward then.

In case you have any previous version of MacFamilyTree installed on your Mac, please rename or delete it first from your Applications folder.

If you purchased MacFamilyTree at the App Store the installation will start automatically after download.

  1. Please see if a wood-textured hard drive icon labeled MacFamilyTree 6.1 with a white tree on it is already open on your Desktop. If so, you should see an installation window in Finder which is clearly headlined MacFamilyTree.
  2. In case not, please do open Finder and navigate to "your user folder" - Downloads.
  3. Find the installer file you downloaded from our website (MacFamilyTree 6.1.dmg). Double-click that file. The wood-textured drive symbol should appear on your Desktop then and the installation window with the MacFamilyTree headline should open as described.
  4. In this window, drag the brown icon with the white tree and the blue pen on it from the left side onto the blue Applications folder on the right side. This concludes the installation process.
  5. Now drag the wooden drive symbol from your Desktop onto the Trash bin in your Dock. The paper basket icon will be replaced by an eject icon.

Now you can launch MacFamilyTree from inside your Applications folder.

If you would like to buy MacFamilyTree. You can also purchase it at the Mac App Store. We recommend to delete the unregistered version you downloaded from our website before you download MacFamilyTree from the App Store, as the App Store has another licensing model, which does not require a serial number to register the application.

After the download from the App Store the installation starts automatically.

Looking for information on how to keep MacFamilyTree in your Dock? Click here.

More information is available in the User Guide. You can find it in MacFamilyTree's Help Menu or for download here.