I'm a previous user of FamilyTreeMaker. How do I transfer my data to MacFamilyTree?

MacFamilyTree can't access files in the Family Tree Maker format directly. You can transfer your data by exporting it from Family Tree Maker in the GEDCOM format. Please access your Windows PC in order to export your data. In Family Tree Maker, click the File menu and select “Export”. Choose to export the entire file and select "GEDCOM 5.5 (Standard)".

Depending on your version of Family Tree Maker, you might not be able to automatically transfer your photos and other image files along with the GEDCOM data. Family Tree Maker used to export images a while ago, then they released a rewritten version which currently lacks the feature. So your data should transfer fine but you'd have to manually add your image files.

Please download the free demo version of MacFamilyTree from this website, if the demo imports your data, the full version will, too.

More information is available in the User Guide. You can find it in MacFamilyTree's Help Menu or for download here.