I ordered a Synium Software product but didn't receive a serial number, yet. My credit card was debited, though.

If you purchased your application in the Mac App Store, a serial number is not required for registration, as you register the software with your Apple ID. Further information about the App Store can be found here:

Everything you need to know about the Mac App Store

If you purchased from your website's web store, please check your e-mail provider's Spam Filter and make sure the confirmation mail hasn't been falsely identified as spam. The mail you're looking for would have been sent by our online distributor, eSellerate.net.

If you can't find such e-mail, please contact the eSellerate.net support. We don't have direct access to the order system, the very quick and competent eSellerate sales support will find a solution in no time, though.

We try to be consistent in using only the word serial number, you might encounter one of these alternative words, though:

  • product key
  • product number
  • registration number
  • registration key
  • registration code
  • serial code
  • unlock key
  • unlock code

They all mean the same thing, there is only this serial number you receive after purchase and which unlocks the application when you enter it in the application's registration dialog.